Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Ten things all about pregnancy

I thought I'd reminisce today on pregnancy, I can't believe its been six month since I birthed my little babe. This is a little diary of thoughts I wrote whilst I was pregnant, I had planned to publish it when I went into labour however, labour was a little more occupying than I anticipated!
#01 Everybody knows the sex of the baby, purely by looking at you! They have X-ray vision or something I don't know, but it's amazing... (we decided not to find out as we wanted a surprise!) but according to 90% of people it was a boy... and they were right!? I'm always good at guessing others but I thought I was having a girl, until I birthed him and i cried is HE ok? I must have known subconsciously.

#02 Fellow bristolians are ignorant to the fact there is a pregnant lady around, nobody moved out the way for this fat lump, oh no, I was expected to waddle around them! I understand I didn't look pregnant from behind however you mustn't ram your trolley into my booty, thanks! And if I want a seat on the bus you damn well give me that seat SIR!

#03 If you're short like my 4ft 11' self be prepared to have opinions off teenage mom hater's... I understand I look extremely young but it doesn't give you the right to throw judgement.

#04 I had no idea it would go so bloody fast... Obviously it's much more fun when they're in your arms however there is something magically enchanting about being pregnant.

#05 I never realised how much I would love my body, don't get me wrong there were days where I'd look and be shocked with my wobbly bits and cellulite and get down because there wasn't much I could do about it... but you see past imperfections and realise your body is fucking awesome and it actually looks super beautiful carrying your off spring!

#06 I had no idea what baby's kick would feel like, you could never explain it, Curtis felt it and couldn't even explain the way it made him feel - but for a mother it's inside you it's weird but in a beautiful way.

#07 You'll learn who your real friends are!

#08 I had no idea I'd become so heavy to the point Curtis had to manoeuvre me out of bed at times, (this could be partly due to divarication of my abdominal muscles) but blimey my baby was super heavy.

#09 You don't believe it's real it totally feels like a dream, the more you think about it the more you are like, me? how am I growing life inside my womb? a baby? how does it even fit inside there?

#10 Finally, you fall head over hills in love with someone you haven't even met yet, you love them so much it makes you cry.

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