Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Therapi: rose otto propolis+ ultra radiance cream & lemon myrtle toner

I think I may have possibly found the best ever face cream for this super cold winter! Lately my skin has been breaking out like I am going through puberty all over again, I assuming hormones from birth and breastfeeding are the culprits. I've been feeling really rubbish about my skin for a long time. Now we have this arctic cold January and I totally over indulgence on sugars at Christmas and new year (oh and lack of water)... and exercise. My skin has also become really dry.
My skin type is oily but I do get areas of dryness, not too much dry skin but just very dehydrated. I don't get enough sleep with 6 month old baby and I haven't been leading the healthiest lifestyle since birthing him. Healthier than most new mums I guess because I have a lot of knowledge on nutrition and I am always very conscious of what I put inside and on my skin. I haven't been able to exercise due to complications from pregnancy. I've been doing my physio exercise when I can fit it in and walking when I physically could. The good news is my body is on the mend and I am fixing my body little by little with a super healthy balanced diet.

But for now I need extra help with my face! That's when natural and organic skincare comes in. So I have been using Therapi's lemon myrtle toner for a while... and my newest edition is the Rose otto propolis+ ultra radiance cream. They couldn't have picked a better name for this product. My skin hasn't looked this radiant since summer last year (when little bean was inside me and I was super healthy!) I noticed a difference in the appearance of skin after the first use. That's when I knew it was going to be a favourite product of mine. I have been using the product religiously morning and evening, a very small amount is needed. I have noticed a difference in fine lines on my forehead and around the eye area. My pores look less visible. My skin has a nice glow I actually look like I've had a decent nights sleep after application (even thought I may have only had 4 hours!). The texture of the product is very creamy and thick and soaks into the skin very quickly. It doesn't leave the face dry I like when a facial product leaves my skin slightly dewy. I have been using this instead of a primer beneath makeup and it works really well my makeup tends to stay on longer without becoming dry/matte looking in the cold winds. The smell is absolutely incredible (I love rose scents) The packaging is gorgeous they have recently changed their lids to rose gold which looks really chic. The product is £35 and usually I would never spend that much money on one product but I will be repurchasing this forever more. I doubt I will need to use it as often in the warmer months as my skin is always more hydrated.
Moving on to the lemon myrtle toner, this is the first product I used by Therapi I don't usually bother with toner's or face mist's especially after makeup because I assumed they would cause makeup to slide off. But that isn't true. I actually enjoy using this over makeup. But I generally tend to use it on days where I am not wearing any, just to freshen up my face and hydrate it a little. It has a gorgeous scent. The lemon myrtle range is aimed at my skin type too so I think that's why It works well for my skin. I spoke with Esme from Therapi and she suggested I don't use it as often whilst my skin is dryer due to the alcohol in the product the alcohol is naturally present in the ingredients its not added but sometimes this can still cause slight drying, my skin is very sensitive so I do try not to over use this product.
Therapi have three ranges, lemon myrtle for oily/combination skin. Orange blossom for normal skin and rose otto for normal/dry/mature skin. But always listen to your skin, though you might have oily skin sometimes you might still need moister in other area's. Therapi is a family run business and I really love their ethics and everything about their brand and products. Will you be trying out these wonderful products by this wonderful brand?

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