Monday, 1 February 2016

balanced beauty bristol: facial

Balanced beauty is a holistic treatment room owned by the lovely Sasha. She has a huge range of treatments that she offers and uses the best possible products. Her price range for quality is absolutely worthy. I thoroughly enjoy treatments with Sasha. She is kind, funny and great at her job and honestly she doesn't hurt me much when waxing or threading! Maybe I have toughened up because of birth (doubt it I'm a wimp) she is just a super woman hair remover!

So I had a lovely facial. Not knowing what I had in store I've only ever had one facial before which was ok, but nothing compared to the one Sasha gave me. Using natural products, handmade too! She gave me the facial of my dreams with massage, gorgeous smelling products and therapeutic music. Currently suffering with PMS related PND I totally needed this to relax my mind, body & soul.
She started off by waxing my underarms and threading my brows which I had previously booked in, OMG, if you need your brows threaded this is the right lady for the job they were perfect exactly what I asked for. Moving on to the luxurious facial she cleansed my feet and face I felt all fresh and calm. She doesn't just apply the product she massages the face in the process as well as using the pressure points to balance everything in the body. I had a lot of water retention in my face I soon noticed the difference after she was done. She gave me a head, neck and shoulder massage which was deeply relaxing just thinking about it now... wish I was back on that gorgeous heated bed having it done all over again. I could feel the tension slipping away from my body as she calmly massaged my face, at one point (because I am such an over thinker) I thought to myself 'bet my face looks real funny right now' and with that I started laughing then I got a little hysterical I always do this in calming situations is there something wrong with me?! You know when you get told off as a child and you know you shouldn't laugh but you just cant hold it in, yes that happened. Sasha just giggled with me and I soon composed myself.
Once she'd finished cleansing, she applied the facial and then wrapped up my head, neck and shoulders, I felt so cozy like a caterpillar in my cocoon preparing to be a butterfly. This might sound ridiculous but I literally felt like I could flutter off just like a butterfly. The product felt amazing whilst smelling absolutely gorgeous too. I led and listened to the deep vibrations of the music and enjoyed the massages. Finally she wiped away the product which had my skin feeling clean and fresh. Looking at my skin, it looked healthier, calmer and hydrated. I loved this treatment so much I am going to try and treat myself to one as often as I can. The treatment cost £45 and is worth every penny. You can contact Sasha via her website to book your facial.

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