Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Shampoo + Conditioner review | Briogeo

LOVE anything containing rosehip so I was very excited to review this hair care duo. Aimed at curly hair it sounded perfect for my poor damaged locks I have totally neglected it during pregnancy and post-partum but here I am 7+ months trying to un-do the damage I and my hormones did (ha) 

First impressions. Love the sound of the ingredients and I also really like the simplicity of the packaging and artistic logo. I love how open this brand is though the products are not 100% natural the percentage that aren't are said not to be toxic you can read more about the ingredients on their website. Also love the fact that the product is vegan and GLUTEN FREE hard to to come across GF so thank you Briogeo for caring about us celiacs. I used the product for about 2 weeks before making my decision to discontinue the use (this is absolutely not a bad review) I was very upset that I had to stop using it because unfortunately my scalp psoriasis returned there must be an ingredient that helps this little nasty flare up and I really need to pin point it but for now I want to focus on the goods of this product. Smell, oh my, absolutely darling I can't even explain it but it reminds me of a childhood holiday (strange I know). I did notice huge improvements in the moisture levels of my hair and the frizz had definitely tamed and it was much more manageable. My partner also used this products who is going to finish it up because he loves it and doesn't have any scalp issues (lucky for him) he has also noticed an improvement in his hair texture he has curly hair but not too much frizz again (lucky for him) 
I would recommend this product to everyone that has curly, dry, damaged uncontrollable hair as it really did make a huge improvement and my green blogger friend who is a huge fan of this brand and has the most gorgeous curly locks! Read her review on cowashing with a Briogeo product here.

You can purchase the 250ml hair care duo here at cos natural who have a huge range of natural and organic brands to choose from!

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