Saturday, 12 March 2016

A toxic free deodorant that actually works

Finally. It's taken a real long time to come across what I'd call the perfect toxic free deodorant. There are many I get on well with and few which seamed pointless because I absolutely stank at the end of the day. As a breastfeeding mama I sweat lots, I got my baby all up in my business, whilst trying hard not to have nip slips it can get pretty intense (he stops and stares at people half way through now so I'm done caring) but I am very conscious as to what ingredients I use on my underarms because the ingredients are absorbed into our underarms and can end up in our bosoms!  Don't fancy letting little one gulp back some aluminium and other toxic ingredients. 

So when I was offered to review 

'Fit pit' 100% organic deodorants I was V excited, I didn't have high hopes at all because natural deodorants were pretty mediocre compared to toxic ones... They don't stop you from sweating which is great because it's a normal bodily function but most of them don't stop you smelling which also is normal but nobody enjoys BO really do they? Unless, like when you are mating and it all of a sudden becomes sexy that you stink?! They offer 3 different deodorants. One for sensitive skin. One for women and one for men! Cypress scent for men, Bergamot and rosemary scent for women. Why does it work so well? Because bicarbonate soda subtly alters your skins natural pH which prevents smell causing bacteria from thriving. It nourishes because it has coconut oil and shea butter and it soothes with aloe vera!

First of all love the name. Me and Curtis sing every time we use it... *Fit pit, big pit, little pit, hairy pit, find your fit pit* you know the tune from that ad... Ha! Secondly it's in a jar soooooo weird, but I kind of like the concept now, it allows me to monitor how much product I have left ready for when I need to stock up, also get satisfaction by rubbing it in until it's dry most deodorant leave you wet and sticky, then you end up flapping your arms trying to dry it, and catch a glimpse of your bingo wings, ahhh. No, really I need to lift my baby like a weight or something. To top off this awesome product it's only £8 for 100ml which is like super affordable. Usually you'll pay a lot more for a natural deodorant whilst getting less product that lacks the quality! Studied support that antiperspirant deodorants have been linked to breast cancer. Reduce you risk and protect your bosoms! You can purchase your fit pit from here.

Will you be making the switch? 

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