Thursday, 31 March 2016

Battle of the highlighters: RMS vs ILIA

So it was time I bought the two most talked about highlighters in green beauty. Ok I don't have the RMS illuminator but I do have the one and only master mixer. I purchased this because it's bronze as oppose to the ILIA highlighter which is pearl. Both retail at £30 so I thought it would be great to compare the two although they are different colours.

ILIA moonbeam highlighter— I was very excited when this arrived as I'd read great things. It's a pearl shaded highlighter. The texture is very creamy with a slight grip, it's obvious if you apply to much product so you need to be sparing (which is great because it'll last a long time) I like the applicator you can just swipe it on like lipstick where ever you wish. Packaging obviously I LOVE ILIA packaging I love the simplicity. I feel like maybe the pearl tones would better suit somebody with pale/red skin. I am more yellow/pale olive. I found it worked best when applying before foundation, it has to be a light to medium coverage though. It's also available in other shades cosmic dancer and sway I am really tempted to purchase cosmic dancer. I really like the sound of using sway as a cream eye shadow it also doubles as a contour stick. All illuminators are made with organic ingredients one of which is rosehip oil which has great healing power. -Purchase link

RMS master mixer— love at first application. I was intrigued by the hype. I really didn't expect to like it. But instead I love it. The texture is perfect for me. It's creamy/oily. I really thought that it would wear off due to the formulation however it stays with you all day. You do however need to apply rather a lot of product. I use a brush to apply as I find it sinks into my fingers to much and I'm wasting more product! Packaging is gorgeous, again very simple with a tiny pop of colour. I think that the bronze tones would suit all skin colours which makes it the perfect product for anyone. I am really tempted to buy the luminizer to see how it compares and wether or not it suits my skin tone better than the ILIA highlighter. -Purchase link

Side by side (swatches)

Have you tried any of these products?

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