Sunday, 20 March 2016

Everyday makeup essentials—

With an 8 month old finally on the loose I have to be quick, not just at stopping him from breaking a vase full of beautifully coordinated tulips, or munching down some cardboard he found lying around, but I also have to be quick with my makeup. So I thought I'd share with you my go-to easy peasy makeup of the day. It's a natural look but just makes me look and feel a little more human!

For the eyes— nada, just some eye cream will do, I like living nature's firming eye cream it's non greasy formula makes it perfect for day time eye care! it's super firming and makes my under eyes feel fresh. I combe my brows with my Jane Iredale gel & boom. Sorted.

For the lips— Any lipstick & lip liner, with some balm over the top of course. If I had to wear only one item of makeup it would be a lippy. Lately I have been adoring my Avril nude lip liner which is an absolute bargain, lipsticks have varied from Avril Brun rose nacre and Dusty girls Guava pink.

For the face— if I don't have any spots I am happy to simply wear my Therapi rose otto propolis + ultra radiance cream which you can read all about here. It leaves my skin nourished, dewy and protected from the nasties flying about outside. And the AMAZING RMS master mixer to highlight my face (A little Green people SPF day cream if I will be exposed to sunshine for longer than 30 minutes) if I am a spotty mess I add a few strokes here and there of my Logona perfect finish foundation. (I don't normally buy Logona from that store but it's £5 cheaper on that website so I've just purchased another!)

All which takes me approx 10.34 seconds....... Only because I have to keep stopping and catching my little rascal pulling over the bin or something.

What's your daily essentials?

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