Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How about a toxic free TOTM?

You can even purchase a cute bag:)

So I've talked a couple of times about how we should protect our vagina's and all that. But I'm here again telling you in more detail. I am here to protect all vagina's. Let me think of a superhero name... ... ... Ok, it's not that great... 'TOTM mistress' there you go! It would've been better if the word vagina was in there to be honest.

Not enough women talk about, periods or their lady gardens. (I love how we all have different names for our own) I simply use, vagina because I feel like it sounds really powerful when I say it. They are super powerful, I mean gosh they give birth. Did you know that the vagina is the most pour-us part of the female body? Yup! It soaks everything up, that's why I made the switch rather a few years ago to organic cotton feminine hygiene products. 

So here are some things to think about, do you know what your sanitary products are made from? Probably not... Did you know that by law brands are not required to disclose the materials or ingredients they use to make these products slightly worrying huh? Most tampons are made from Rayon which is created from wood pulp (tampax state this on their website) it is then bleached with chlorine (yuck!) this makes it absorbent and white some even dyed in a variety of colours which is ridiculous if you ask me! Other harmful ingredients such as surfactants, scents (which again isn't required by law to state what the actual ingredient is) all these nasties can lead to irritation, itching, rashes and even cause headaches and dizziness. 

So without frightening you I want to disclose some of the dangers these conventional products may cause... Rayon and viscose fibres can shed whilst inside you, they stick to the vaginal wall. The fibres left behind contain dioxins, the world health organisation states that 'dioxins are highly toxic and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer' and these are just a few of the worries from using conventional brands. Switching to organic is also much better for the environment. Conventional cotton farming has horrific effect on wildlife poisoning all the little fishies and birdies :( Another fun fact I bet you didn't know most conventional sanitary products contain as much plastic as approximately four carrier bags... Shocking isn't it?

So why not make the switch and save your vagina and the planet from all that horror!? You can purchase TOTM here. They offer free UK delivery and free worldwide delivery when you spend over £30. I love that they offer a calendar at the checkout so they can re-send you your chosen products just in time for your next period... If you're anything like me (gold fish memory) then this would be perfect for you. OH YEAH! By the way the products are awesome, super absorbent (my periods are very heavy post birth) and tampons are very comfortable. 
PS. What do you call your lady garden?

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