Friday, 18 March 2016

Talking vitamins — with viridian nutrition.

Recently I have been working with a nutritionist. I've been struggling with a hormone imbalance since the birth of my little boy. This caused many symptoms, however the one that worried me most was PND... It was only linked to PMS thankfully. I haven't mentioned it before because I  didn't feel very confident in sharing such information. But now I have seen huge improvement and no signs of PMS related PND I had to share with you in the chance that maybe I could help somebody else who is suffering.

Although I know a lot about nutrition it's such a huge subject it'll take me years before I know all the ins and outs. That's why I decided to see a nutritionist. I knew that by working things out from the inside was better for me than any prescribed drug or homeopathic even... I tried lots to help massage, aromatherapy, meditation and acupuncture and not one thing worked (long term anyway)

I was advised to reduce my sugar intake before protein. Cut down my carbs (oops!) and include various vitamins. Such as a multivitamin friendly for lactation, vitamin d, vitamin c, magnesium and omega 3 I was also taking a mixture of B vitamins and zinc which I was advised to carry on taking. 

So I have been taking viridian supplements, vitamin D, C magnesium and multi vitamin. And I can honestly say taking these as well as balancing my diet has helped relieve all my horrible hormonal symptoms in just 6 weeks! My immune system is stronger thanks to vitamin D + C as well as multi vitamins. My mood is better I put that down to my B vitamins and magnesium.

Viridian nutrition have a great principle 'care for others as we care for ourselves' they're supporting organic growing as well as recycling. I love a brand with great ethics. They use high quality ingredients meaning you get great results. A lot of people tend to take super market brand vitamins but unfortunately the body doesn't absorb much of the vitamins due to other ingredients in these  products. I always say if I vitamin is cheap it probably isn't worth taking at all... Viridian was founded in 1999 and opened with just 24 products and now they sell more than 180. Founder Cheryl Thallon based the company on purity, environment and charity and surrounded herself with experts. You can tell by taking viridian products that they are of great knowledge and quality. 

What vitamins do you need? 

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