Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hair: Curly, thinning + frizzy — 3 must have products!

During pregnancy my hair was incredible, I don't know why but basically you produce a hormone or something and like all your usual hairs that fall out don't fall out... Amazing for those with thinning hair! However I can imagine if I had my teenage locks (masses of hair that I would pay to be thinned!?!?!?) I wouldn't have enjoyed this period so much! 

Due to scalp psoriasis my hair has thinned over the last few years. And now I am going through this crap thing called 'post natal hair loss' ugh why must I go through labour and then have all my hair taken away after surely that isn't fair?! Apparently it grows back to its usual thickness...
(I am praying) 

I am taking hair vitamins (when I remember) but I've started using the Indian technique because they always have super thick aaaaamazing hair! I have been massaging my scalp using the little health company's coco hair oil. Two - four pumps is plenty for a scalp massage and I pull it through to the ends to nourish once I am done. I've been trying to do this ever other night in hope that it will help with hair growth, I haven't been doing it long enough to say wether it's helping but I can say it is certainly helping the texture of my hair and the roots are coming through nice and glossy. My scalp is being deeply nourish with coconut oil, macadamia, avocado and almond as well as vitamin E I know that castor oil is used to help stimulate hair growth so I am hoping this will help. I'll report back in a few months to confirm if it has. But I can say my hair is growing at rates I have never seen it grow before. I really like the affordability of this product at just £13.99 it's ideal for greenbies on a budget. 

Because my hair is so curly and more frizzy since birth I wanted to add volume. So I purchased John masters organics sea salt spray. Which adds volume and texture to my hair. It's so thin at the moment that I struggle to style it so straight or curly have been my only options. But it sits bouncy and wavy with this gorgeous spray. I love that it contains lavender oil so it leaves hair smelling really nice too!

I am also loving John master detangler I had a sample of it a few months ago and I wasn't really sure if it was a conditioner or a leave in. So I just assumed it was leave in. I was right although you can wash it out if you wish. If I will be straightening my hair this is my go to it leaves my hair with a lovely shine and stops the frizz from fighting through and causing tangles and dreadlocks, yes, I get dreads sometimes! Both products can be purchased at Naturisimo my favourite online store for all things green beauty!

All I need now is for my hair to be thicker and I will be so happy with it... Any tips for thickening? Maybe once this PN hair loss is over it will naturally thicken up again! X 

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