Saturday, 23 April 2016

How to make your own candles. (toxic free)

Making my own candles has always been something I have wanted to try but totally avoided because I thought it would be a lot of hard work. However, it's really not that hard at all. The hardest part would be pleasing your senses I chose to use geranium because it's one of my favourite scents it reminds me of pregnancy, I'd always use in my baths because it has hormonal balancing properties. I also chose cedar wood and ylang ylang as they always smell wonderful in candles that I've bought in the past. I didn't know how or if they would work with geranium so this was a total experiment.

I can't wait to make more candles and really start to understand what essential oils blend well together I love aromatherapy and would love to create a range of aromatherapy candles for friends and family as gifts! 

Now I'm going to tell you what you'll need to make your own followed by the simple instructions of how to do so.

What's you'll need:
Eco soya wax
Essential oils
Glass jars
Self adhesive pads

How to:
  1. Wash the glass jars and make sure they are dry,
  2. Heat a large pan of boiling water, place a bowl on top and add your wax to melt.
  3. Once the wax has melted add your essential oils.
  4. Attach the wicks to the adhesive pads and stick them to the bottom of the jars.
  5. Pour the contents into each jar.
  6. Be sure to allow the candles to dry/set for a least 48 hours (place them where they need not be moved)
How simple is that? There are plenty of youtube videos if you're more of a visual learner like myself, I was totaly surprised at how easy it was to make my own. You can purchase everything you need to make your own from buff and butter!

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