Monday, 18 April 2016

Introducing Dames & Dimes. (Nail & cuticle balm review)

There is a new brand on the green beauty scene. Dames & Dimes, such a cute name isn't it? Their packaging is pretty awesome too a kind of retro look.

Dames & Dimes products are all lovingly hand made right here in the UK. They provide quality natural skin care ideal for sensitive skin types. They use the finest ingredients nature has to offer to bring us their wonderful range of AMAZING smelling products! 

Not only do they smell good enough to eat, they kind of look edible too! Best to let your skin eat these delights and not your mouth.

I have been using religiously (or almost) Dames & Dimes nail and cuticle balm. With ingredients such as macadamia, calendula and cocoa butter it's no surprise that my nails & cuticles are in better condition after two weeks of use. These aren't the only nourishing ingredients you'll find in this balm. You have organic beeswax which provides protection to the hell your nails go through only a daily basis! Then there is the beautiful scent from the lavender, Rosemary and tea tree. The organic cocoa butter is rich in vitamin E this can help promote nail growth. Another great ingredient for nail growth is the calendula oil which helps to repair brittle nails.

After two weeks of use I am pleased with the results. I usually just stick to a bit of Argan oil on my nails (if I remember) but when you have a fun product that feels fantastic when applying and smells good enough to eat it's a lot easier to get yourself into a good nail care routine. I was really happy when Dames & Dimes got in touch to ask if I'd like to try some of there products. I was in serious need of some nail therapy and this was just the product I needed. No more dryness around the edges of my nails. They are definitely less brittle. My nails grow very fast anyway if I eat a healthy balanced diet. But because I am a mama, a mama with allergies! I wash my hands a lot, like way to much... This then leaves them brittle meaning breakage. But here I am still a mama, still have allergies, still washing my hands 10 millions times daily and hey, no breakage (unless I slice one off with a kitchen knife - yes I've done that!) So I have to put it down to this beautiful balm full of gorgeously green ingredients. One great thing about this product is that a little, and I mean, a little teeny weeny bit goes a really long way and at £12 its a really great price!

I also have 'The foot doctor'. I love the name. I haven't used this enough to give a thorough review. But my first impressions are good. Again smells amazing... Kind of want to eat it... I just haven't had 'time' to look after my feet lately but I will make it a priority to let my partner rub some into my feet each weekend once I have washed and scrubbed them! He might even paint my toenails too? (Or do they only do that when you're pregnant?!) watch this space for a full review of the foot doctor. And be sure to visit their website here.

*PR samples do not effect my opinion in any way. 

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