Friday, 29 April 2016

Looking after my lips with sustainable honey. (flying wild lip balm review + GIVEAWAY)

I have always had a terrible habit for biting my lips. Not biting my lips in that sexual 'hey look at me baby' kind of way either. No. Just plain old, 'I'm anxious, oh crap I've chewed half of my lip off' kind of way... If Curtis sees me he's all like 'hey stop eating those lips, there won't be any left for me to kiss', isn't he a babe? But seriously it's a terrible habit that leaves me with sore chapped lips! If I don't do that I grind my teeth... Gosh why do we have to have habits in life?! (If anyone knows of a way to ditch them, holla) 

So to care for my poor munched up lips I use balms. And lipstick because obviously natural and organic lipsticks usually contain the most nourishing ingredients. But balms are usually better as they are created to care for our lips, like flying wild lip balm made with bees wax and rosemary. It offers the most divine scent I could eat it (but I won't) it's so nourishing.

Flying wild products are hand made in Ireland. They use 100% natural ingredients. The rosemary and beeswax lip balm has grape seed oil in which offers deep moisture, anti oxidising vitamin E and the honey is raw and comes from their own beehives a really sustainable source of bee-ness in these beautiful lip balms. You can purchase yours here, I'm also offering one lucky reader the chance to win one! See how to enter below X

All you need to do is head over to my twitter page @eloise_balazs follow me and RT the pinned tweet for the chance to WIN!

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