Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sappho organics foundation review

I never used to be a foundation kind of girl. But pregnancy + post natal hormonal imbalance has left my skin scarred from all the break outs. Unfortunately I still break out a lot in the hormonal area. Currently working on this from the inside. 

When I saw Amber from Ambers beauty talk review on the Sappho organics foundation. I just had to have it. I have a foundation by Logona which you can read about here, here, here and here. (Yes I absolutely adore it) but I'm all for trying new products and fancied going back to my original choice of base which has always been liquid. I was after a medium-full coverage I felt that this would be the perfect product to try.

Slightly out of my price range. With shipping costs etc it came to over £40 I am happy to pay large price tags so long as the product is worthy. Luckily for me, this tiny little bottle is worthy. 

This product is jam pack with nourishing oils that care for your skin. So many wonderful ingredients such as, organic aloe and calendula both have fantastic healing properties. Then you have camellia which is a superb antioxidant, it moisturises and protects the skin from free radical damage. One ingredient I love jojoba oil, this is perfect for fighting acne, balancing oily skin as well as keeping the skin moisturised. Like Wonderlusting Linda I am going to start using jojoba oil as a primer. You also have organic rosemary, meadowfoam and neem. Pretty impressive ingredients for a foundation. You can wear it knowing you'll still look fabulous when you take it off thanks to the nourishing effects of its ingredients. 

Slightly shocked when I opened my parcel from Nuciya an online natural and organic retailer based in Canada stocking the finest beauty products on the the green beauty market a majority of which we can't get here in the UK. I wasn't expecting the Sappho organics foundation to be so small, I was assuming when I purchased, that it would be a 50ml bottle, the usual size for foundations that I have previously purchased. It was just 30ml. 'Heck' I thought. 'That's not going to last me 5 minutes' a little goes a long way fortunately so hopefully it'll last a few months.

When first applying I really disliked it. I panicked because it has a very watery consistency it almost felt like a tinted moisturiser. After one pump I was pleasantly surprised to see it had covered a majority of my flaws. Yet it didn't look like I had any make up on. I applied a second layer and fell in love. It has a semi matte finish but leaves skin looking slightly dewy. My perfect kind of base. It's buildable, hydrating and comfortable to wear. After a full days wear I was happy to see that no re-touches were needed and it hadn't caused creases in fine lines or any irritation.

I try and use this sparingly just because of the hefty price tag. I colour matched myself and maybe I should've gone for shade Leisha instead of Mia. Mia is for those with pale skin with pink undertones, I am yellow skinned I have my Hungarian father to thank for that. Leisha is for those with light skin and olive undertones but for me it felt too dark when I searched the swatches I am always afraid of foundation being to dark and it noticing because my neck is paper white! Even though I made the choice to go for Mia, it isn't noticeable because it's so light and it doesn't oxidise throughout the day. 

Overall I think this foundation is perfect for oily skin types and those prone to break outs. It's foundation with the benefits of skincare what more could you ask for? 

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