Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Why dieting is hard...

Dieting. I hate that word. Why not simply feeding your mind, body and soul what it needs to maintain optimum health? Ok, I get it, that's a long name. 

I have always found 'dieting' hard. Some might argue that I don't need to 'diet', because I am 'skinny' (also hate that word) though I am petite not just in length... In width also, I am only a measly size 4 - 8/10 (depending where I shop) Ok, since giving birth I squeeze into any size 4 items I still have. I still need to feed my mind, body and soul what it needs for optimum health and thus why I no longer find dieting hard. (Except when I am due on and all I can think about eating is sugar based foods) but I have slowly learnt to control my cravings and switch them to a more natural less harmful alternative. 

The thing is 9 times out of 10 we diet for physical appearance, that was my reason in the past. I wanted to look a certain way, you know the way society tells us women how we should look! But now I am older, I am wiser my body has been through a lot. Allergies, pregnancy and birth being the three main contributions to how I look right now (oh and a spinal operation but I won't bore you with that) it's because of my allergies that I am so aware of what goes inside my digestive tract. When you're unable to eat certain ingredients you end up constantly reading labels, this triggered alarm bells when I noticed that some ingredients sounded extremely toxic and after many Google sessions it came to my attention that actually pretty much everything I used to eat was in some way shape or form bad for me. I decided to ditch pre packed food and make everything from scratch, down to the jam that goes inside my biscuits and cakes YES I STILL EAT CAKE (I used unrefined sugar so its completely acceptable) 

I then stopped 'dieting' and started feeding my mind body and soul what it needed. I mean a lot of other things happened in between... Like depression for example, which also helped me be more conscious as to what I put inside my digestive system. Following the birth of my baby boy I had a hormone imbalance I knew I could solve this with a little nutritional help... And hey presto two months after my diagnosis and two months of eating the right food I was back to my happy healthy self again. You can read more about that here where I talk about supplements and how important they can be to ones diet.

So I guess what I am saying is, make 'dieting' easier by focusing less on how eating salad can make you look and more about what it can do for your mind, banishing depression for example. Giving you more energy. All those unexplained aches and pains you get. Don't forget clear skin, especially if you drink a lot of water, coconut water is great for hydrating if you can't tolerate fresh water, it's slightly more sweet. Forget about how society says you should look. Some of us are naturally small and some naturally big and both are absolutely beautiful.

My top tips for a successful healthy lifestyle would be to stay hydrated, exercise daily even if it's just a gentle walk, personally I love yoga and I promise you it's not as hard as it looks. With regards to food don't deprive yourself of 'treats' just be conscious, sometimes I purchase pre packed foods but I limit myself to 80%-20% rule meaning I can be naughty 20% of the time. I am so used to baking up batches of treats now, that I need not bother grab things in the supermarket but if I am out and about and need a sugar fix ill buy myself a big ass coffee and add 5 sugars and if that's a gluten free, milk free brownie I'll bloody well have that too! The main key is to not feel guilty or punish yourself but let it motivate you to stay on track. Find some delicious healthy recipe's and master them and it'll all fall into place from there.

A healthy gut means a healthy human and a healthy human is a happy one. I know from experience. So go on, stop dieting and start feeding your mind, body and soul. 

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