Thursday, 5 May 2016

How to enjoy a toxic free tan

Spring has sprung, and summer is just around the corner. I always have so much energy this time of year, the abundance of vitamin D absorbed from the sunshine and outdoor yoga definitely contributes. 

My body is far from what I expected it to be 9 months post partum, but I'm ok with that I grew a baby inside my womb for crying out loud and I have been nursing since the day he was born. Although I'm not as toned and as fit as one would like to be I'm saying its ok - it's ok that I don't look like all these fit chicks on insta in their super cute bikini's because one day I will look like that.

One thing I hate about Spring, wait the ONLY thing I hate about Spring (other than wasps) is my pale skin... Some girls look beautiful with pale skin, like they just don't need to be tanned because they're just supposed to be that white. But I am not supposed to be this white! I developed anemia during pregnancy. It means I am not as tanned as I once was, not only this I haven't been outdoors as much as I usually would as it's difficult when pregnant and with a little one you have to be careful of too much sun.

However fear not my fellow whities' I am sharing with you how I get a natural looking glow...

Protecting the skin: I used to be so anal about wearing sun protection. 'I don't need it because I don't burn' true that, I never ever burn. This does not mean my skin will not age. Studies suggest that here in the U.K. We should allow the skin to be exposed to sunshine for at least 15-30 minutes daily without protection because sun cream does in fact stop our bodies from absorbing so much vitamin D. With myself being deficient every single winter I always try to get as much exposure as I feel is safe for the temperature each day. If you are very pale or burn easily it's essential to wear some form of protection even if it's a very low factor. After exposure you can slap on your 30 SPF. I enjoying using green people sun protection they also do a baby SPF too it's jam packed with organic ingredients read more here. 

Preparing the skin:
This is an essential step to creating a real looking tan. You don't want obvious patches of darkness dotted around your body. Using a loofa I dry brush my entire body. Concentrating most of the dryer areas such as ankles, knees, elbows, under arm creases and chest. I then apply an intensive moisturiser to these areas, I like to use pure potions intensive moisturiser.

Tanning the skin:
Using tan organics self tan it offers a light glow that you can build into a darker tan for  those who like to go really dark. When applying it leaves the skin with a slight tan of the colour it is going to be so you'll know roughly how dark you'll end up. I usually just do one application over my entire body I find this is the perfect colour for me as I don't like to be too dark unless it's from the sun. You leave it on for 6-8 hours to develop and then wash it off in the shower. It doesn't leave you with that horrible scent most tans leave you with.

Caring for your tan:
Once weekly I use the loofa to remove dead skin cells so there is no build up of dry skin meaning my tan is always applied to soft new skin. This always gives a better finish. In between weekly tans I like to use Madara flower dust lotion to keep my tan hydrated and it offers a subtle sheen to the skin. The glow comes from the northen flowers its perfect for spring/summer and I also enjoy it during winter to add sparkle on nights out!

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