Monday, 2 May 2016

Tanning without toxins (Featuring Green people)

Many of my friends will slather there body in uhm, Johnson's baby oil sit in the garden all day and well cook their precious skin. I'm not judging because this was classic Eloise. Now I'm older, I am wiser I understand that this is not ideal and it's only going to make you age approx 10 times faster probably more to be honest.

I used to refuse to where SPF because I assumed I didn't need it because I never burned when exposed to sunshine however it has aged my skin. So now I'm all conscious about aging and avoiding toxins I have started to protect myself when exposed to sunshine.

Studies suggest that we should leave skin unprotected for up to 30 minutes per day, 15 is plenty if you do tend to burn or have sensitive skin. Why, might you ask? Because we need the vitamin D - SPF does in fact stop us absorbing as much of this much needed vitamin. It's so overcast in the UK that many adults as well as children are deficient, myself being one of them! 

Choose toxic free, why? Because heat means chemicals can enter the body easier...  It only takes something like 16 seconds for toxins to enter the bloodstream. How crazy quick is that??? The skin is the biggest organ so if you're going to protect it from sun damage you may as well protect it from carcinogenic's and all the other crap that goes into your average SPFs. 

I trust Green People a well establish organic brand from the UK. I use there SPF for myself and I use their organic babies SPF for my little babe. Unlike most brands they don't leave the skin sticky and smelly. Neither do they make you look like a milk bottle, you know what I mean!

I also really like using their day solution on my face which has SPF 15. I also try to wear tinted moisturisers that have SPF for extra protection. You can purchase mini tubes which I have as well as full size. I find the smaller tubes ideal for when I am out and about I am able to top up later on in the day when needed to stay protected from the harmful rays. Check out green peoples sun care range here

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