Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I've been really rubbish at everything as of late. Not just blogging. I am so super busy life has completely taken over. My little boy is growing by the second and he's just started to walk so you can imagine how little time one has to herself. The house was a mess so I decided to try out some home made cleaning recipes. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to make, how well they cleaned and how affordable they are.

Bed guru have recently started stocking organic mattresses something I am coveting! Normal mattresses are highly toxic. We also want to buy a new bed so we'll have to save up for the mattress! 

I am happy to be apart of the #goorganic challenge and you can join me and make the switch too. For your chance to WIN a starter kit for making your own cleaning products check our the competition below.

I haven't had a chance to try all that many but there are a few that I wanted, well needed to make and use right away. One of which was the 'over night oven cleaner' I'm really impressed I was so sure I'd keep my new oven in tip top condition swearing I'd wipe it clean after every use... Ha... That didn't happen and it ended up looking like this...

and now this :)...

Destroyed by plenty of chicken juices splattering everywhere! (Disclaimer my vegetarian journey ended - so sorry, I am a breast feeding mama who eats 952 times daily, I found it very difficult!) moving on to how clean my oven is there is still some sticky fat on the bottom but I'm going to try out the 'sticky remover recipe' later this week to try and shift it. Another recipe I tried was the carpet stain remover, we have cream carpet which looks absolutely beautiful however it's not very practical, I now have green beauty stains all over it from oils to bronzer... Have no fear the stains came right out after an over night treatment :) I was kind of nervous about putting vinegar on my brand new carpet but all is well and it looks as good as new!

Another one I am loving, diaper tablets, these are absolutely great for diaper bins or kitchen bins they block out the horrible smells for up to two weeks! Very easy to make. Use any essential oils you like. I chose lemon and lavender for citrus fresh with a touch of floral!

So are you going to take the challenge? and #goorganic

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