Wednesday, 8 June 2016

World ocean's day: Featuring Neals yard remedies and Dames & Dimes

Let's say no to microbeads. This is a really new subject for me as I didn't have that much knowledge on how bad microbeads actually are... I never use them in my skincare because evidentally they're made of plastic. I wanted to avoid putting this ingredient on my skin, what I didn't realise was the damage they are doing to our oceans. 

There is plenty of plastic flowing through the ocean unfortunitly approximatly around8 million tonnes. The thing with microbeads? They end up being swollwed by marine life thus meaning what goes around comes around... if you eat that fishy that ate an abundence of microbeads then whats going to happen? You're going to be eating the plastic too! But that's not the main problem here, plastic is practically impossible to clean up... especially plastic the size of microbeads. Its clogging up the ocean and it needs to stop! Microbeads may seam harmless because they're so tiny but they are found in an incredible amount of everyday beauty products incuding toothpastes... so imagine 100.000 microbeads enetering your sink on a daily basis x the rest of the nation of microbead users? that's a hella load of microbeads entering our oceans :(

New studies show that it's not just sealife that are digesting these plastics, birds have been found with plastic in there stomach's. Its great too see that companies like, loreal, asda, the body shop and boots are pledging not to use them in their own brands of products. Id love to see more comercial brands taking this step maybe one day these brands will remove all toxic harmful ingredients from their products, below you can find a list of some of my favourite green beauty brands that don't use microbeads.


  • Neal's yard remedies
  • Dames & Dimes
  • Green people
  • Botanical brands
  • Pai
  • PHB ethical beauty
  • Triolgy
  • Rituals

Now for the petition. Please take a second of your time to sign this by the end of today... Lets BAN microbeads in the UK and hopefully everywhere else on planet earth. SIGN HERE.

Neal's yard remedies have NEVER used plastic in their scrubs. I have been treating my feet with their pumice foot scrub £15 I have never used a foot scrub before so this was an interesting try for me. Overall I thouroughly enjoyed it. I don't suffer terribly with dry feet but there are certain areas of my feet that needed a little smoothing over this product did just the trick. It's gentle yet thourough. I would've taken a before an after picture but people get super weird about feet! I paired my foot regime with the gorgeous smelling foot doctor £12 by the fabulous Dames & Dimes a new brand to the green beauty scene but one with great ethos fabulous ingredients and super cute packaging. I really enjoyed using this product to after application I wore my bed socks to lock in the moisture my feet were so soft my socks slipped off during the night! With ingredients such as Marigold, chamomile, ginger mint, mango, organic cocoa, st john's wort, tea tree and sweet almond... it's no wonder my feet were smelling and feeling incredible. If you need to treat your feet you'll most certainly want to purchase these two!

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