Wednesday, 6 July 2016

AEOS: the active organic skincare you need to try

Lately my beauty regime has consisted of water, that's pretty much it... With the big move and all that I have literally had NO time to care for ones face! Or body for that matter. 

Prior to the move and on days I have had longer than 1 minute to myself I have been using the awesome AEOS skin care quadruplet that was sent to me for review a while back. 

To sum it up in one word LOVE. Love at first use shall we say. This brand has incredible ethics. It's a brand that I've wanted to try but haven't yet so I am so joyous to have received these beautifully crafted products. 

A little bit about AEOS: A stands for active, AEOS use biodynamic farming methods, ensuring that each product comes from deeply nourished soil. Every single ingredient is alive, from essential oils to plant extracts, vitamins and enzymes. E stands for energised, they use a unique and sophisticated energising proces to enhance the power of the ingredients for our greater good! O is for organic, all ingredients are either grown themselves in their biodynamic and demeter certified shire farm all other ingredients are sourced from organic farming. 'care for the soil, feed the skin, nourish the soul' S stands for skincare, bringing us the best of the best using such high quality ingredients ensure that we are deeply caring for our skin. AEOS products are cruelty and never tested on animals. They are eco friendly and contain biodegradable ingredients.

My thoughts: First of all let's talk about the scent, if you've read previous blog reviews you'll no by now that I am a huge fan of a great smelling product. These products most certainly smell great, they smell absolutely phenomenal. The dew facial wash is a spray which is slightly different to what I'm used to but non the less great, it foams when applied onto damp skin whipping away dirt and bacteria. The cleansing oil is a firm favourite I absolutely love an oil cleanser again in a different form to my usual oil based cleanser but still a wonderful product it hydrates whilst deeply cleansing my pores and leaves my skin with a dewy glow. The refreshing hydrating mist smells insane I have to contain myself when spritzin my face else I'll use the whole darn bottle! I have gone through this one the fastest most likely to uneccisary use and also because I like to reapply later in the day to help revive my skin a little from daily dryness. The serum has been used the least just because I am useless at using serums and don't really understand them, but I've been using this one last thing at night for extra nurturing whilst I sleep.

Overall I have fallen head over hills for this brand and especially these products I can't wait to purchase the full sizes.

Have you tried AEOS?

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