Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Make up lately: Featuring Avril organic, Sappho organics and kjeir weis. (plus swatches)

Avril organics: What drew me to this brand the most was lipstick colour choice... Oh and the fact that it's a super affordable brand that doesn't compromise on quality! My friends are always hesitant to purchase organic make up because they claim it's super expensive... But Avril has totally proved them wrong. I started off my Avril collection with a lip liner at just €3 it's  an absolute bargain. The shade nude is my go to lip liner with pretty much every lipstick I sometimes even wear it solo. Avril recently got in touch and I upped my collection by adding another lip liner in shade Vieux rose, Two lipsticks aubergine nacré and auburn, a liquid eye liner (a green beauty first) and an eye liner in shade bronze.

Lip liner: pretty pink shade that sits perfectly beneath a wide range of shades. Would also work well on its own but slightly to pink for myself I'm kind of anti-pink lip it really doesn't suit me at all. 

Eye liner: hooray I finally purchased a liquid liner for cat eyes. I found this very easy to apply I'm used to using a felt tip type (non green beauty) liner for when I do cat eyes. So happy I finally have a non toxic alternative that's affordable and easy to apply. 

Aubergine: I've been coveting after a berry lip for a long while but I have so many lipsticks I've been stopping myself from purchasing some of the very expensive green brands. I really love this shade it applies very sheer but the product is build-able I find blotting in between applications with a bamboo cloth really helps when adding depth to the shade. 

Auburn: I almost went for a red, but I have so many reds, I mean there are still so many reds I want. I am a total sucker for red lipstick like I just LOVE red lipstick literally every shade of red suits me (I think) this is a very orange red with brown undertones and I absolutely love it it's very different. It's very matte. It only needs one/two swipes for good depth. 

Bronze: I'm always wearing shades of bronze on my eyes it makes the green in my iris pop. So I figured why not try a bronze eye liner? Wasn't sure if I'd like it because I've tried different colour liners before and they don't always look that great. But I really enjoyed using this. I think it's going to become a regular application.

Overall I love this brand and their products and really can't wait to try more. PS. They also do skincare has anyone tried it? I'd love to know your thoughts...

Sappho organics: This was the beauty splurge I thought I'd regret. How wrong I was. I've fallen head over heels for this bad boy. Literally my MAC. I am pretty sure I was the innovator of the phrase 'once you go mac you never go back' stupid phrase and I was totally wrong... I just need to think of one for Sappho now... Hmm... 'Once you go Sappho, you never go back, no!'? Ah who cares! What I'm trying to say is this is the BESTEST green beauty buy ever. I know it cost a lot of dolla but it's literally amazing. My skin has been far from perfect as of late and yet I've got people telling me how fab it looks when I'm wearing this foundation. I love that it's ingredients are basically skincare. It offers fantastic coverage medium/full even doubles as a concealer for blemishes and under eyes. So little product is needed it's an absolute dream. Read a full review here.

Kejer wies: meh. Another splurge... Flipping £50. Oh. It's not bad, it's just not for my skin. I feel like this product would best suit someone with oily skin. It really drys out my skin unfortunately it's almost like once the cream foundation sets I've applied powder which I never do because I feel like my skin is too dry. The coverage is impeccable. Applying is very easy and minimal product is needed. The packaging is insanely chic. But it just doesn't work for me. Has anybody tried it? Do you have any tips for creating a more dewy look with this product? It's such a shame because I heard such wonderful things about this foundation and really thought it would work for my skin type! 

What make up have you been loving lately?

DISCLAIMER: Some products in this post may have been sent to me for review. This doesn't effect my opinion all thoughts are my own. Sometimes brands sponsor me - again this does not effect my review.

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