Monday, 11 July 2016

Reviews lately: Featuring Mallow & White, Skincere, Organic surge and Nectar and Bumble.

Recently I have been trying out skinscere. A brand that is 100% natural. It's free from wheat which is great for me as I am allergic to it. I love a brand that is free from the common allergens as I don't feel there are that many brands that focus on this. 

First impressions: Love that they're 100% natural the packaging is very simple and I like simplicity a lot. Affordability.

What I used: Cleansing cream, eye serum and daily moisturiser.
Cleansing cream: I really enjoy using cream cleansers. I didn't feel this did all that much for my skin. However my skin is very uncontrollable at the moment due to poor diet choices. I love using this product for wiping away daily dirt and is wonderful at removing makeup. I don't think I could use it solo at the moment just because I feel like it's not the type of product my skin needs at the moment but I will continue to use it as a pre cleanser. 

Eye serum: This is a really great eye serum. Keeps fine lines at bay. Lack of hydration from within has definitely took its toll on my eye area as well as tiredness. But I'm going to continue using this as I have noticed results! 

Day cream: Ok, possibly too moisturising for my very oily/combo skin. Usually my skin is more dry/oily. But as I've explained above poor diet has left me with congested skin and I feel this product is just too heavy for every day use. It's definitely picked up my hydration on days where my skin has been lacking it. I do want to try this one again I'm thinking it's going to be a good one for the transitional season when those colder winds start to hit home. I will continue to use it in dry areas rather than an all over product! 

Another brand I have been experimenting with lately is Organic Surge. If you're a regular reader you'll know I suffer with scalp issues. I have spent the past 3 years trying to find a product that worked for me and finally found the perfect one which you can read about here. But I'm always open to trying new hair care just in case I find another gem. 

First impressions: Certified organic. Affordable and fabulous packaging with colour co-ordination. Oh and not to mention the gorgeous scents! 

What I used: Shampoo, Conditoner and hair mask.

Hair mask: Unfortunately my scalp flared up again after a couple of uses. I'm not sure which ingredient I react to - I should try to identify it but it's a difficult thing to do! However I do still really like this hair care trio! My hair was super soft and becomes very shiny after using the hair mask and I still use it from time to time on the mid lengths and ends of my hair. 

Shampoo & Conditoner: The shampoo and conditioner has been passed onto Curtis who really enjoys using both products! Both products smell absolutely gorgeous which is a win for me because I love great smelling hair!

It's time I did an updated review on the wonderful mallow & white skin care. Who has just recently launched a new product called 'blossom balm' with nectar & bumble founder Amber. Im really hoping to try out this balm soon! Nectar & Bumble are a new online store that offers a bee-tastic shopping experience. Why 'bee-tastic'? Because 10% of all profits go to bee conservation charities. You can purhchase natural skin care, homeware and gifts. Use CODE: ELOISELOVES for 10% off your order! 

 I've only used one product from Mallow & White but it's an absolute keeper! By that I mean I'll be repurchasing it forever. Mallow & white restore clay mask is my go to when my skin is acting up, it soothes irritation and redness after just one use and helps re-balance my skin when it's breaking out. I love the simplicity of the ingredients just 5 ingredients that's all it takes for perfectly harmonized skin. You can add water to it. Or you can try a little tip I picked up from Amber and add apple cider vinegar for extra spot banishing! You can read my initial review of the product here to gain an understanding of my first impressions. But when it's a repurchase you know it's a good un'. 

What products have you been trying out lately? Have you tried any of these?

DISCLAIMER: Some products in this post may have been sent to me for review. This doesn't effect my opinion all thoughts are my own. Sometimes brands sponsor me - again this does not effect my review.

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