Sunday, 24 July 2016

Welcome to the green side NO #1

I rounded up some gorgeous gals and asked them all if they'd let me plaster their faces in natural and organic beauty products. Thankfully, they all said yes! 

None of these lovely ladies use natural/organic products so my aim was to prove to them (and my readers) that you can buy affordable green beauty that is gentle on your skin, whilst still achieving high quality results.

My first Guinea pig was my gorgeous sister. Every body meet Kim. Mum to two of the most gorgeous little ladies in my life (yes, I maybe a little bias but they are total red headed babes!) Whats her skin like? Super clear complexion (jealous much) with freckles (love) also a fashion trend right now she has normal/dry skin only certain areas are slightly dry. I will now discuss what I used to achieve this bright eyed bold lip combo! I wanted to go for a natural look on Kim because she usually doesn't wear that much makeup but I wanted to add a bright lip to switch things up a little.

The eyes:
100% pure mascara in jet black, Pacifica gel liner on the upper lash line, honey pie minerals mineral eye shadow in shade mushroom with a little of the RMS master mixer to add a glow to the eye area. 

The lips:
Avril lip pencil in nude, Vapour beauty multi use blush in shade Impulse 209.

The face:
I prepped her skin with pure potions intensive moisturiser on the very dry areas. I then added jojoba oil all over as a primer. For the base I used logona perfect finish in shade 02, I then contoured with shade 04. I added dusty girl blush to the apples of her cheeks. I didn't need to use concealer as she had no scarring or blemishes. Neither did I need to take the foundation fully under her eyes as lucky for her she doesn't suffer with dark circles.

Kim never really wears makeup, especially a full face like this. I wanted to create a natural look with a pop of colour. I interviewed Kim to find out her thoughts on the look created and the products used. Here is what she had to say...


How did the products feel on your skin?
Smooth and lightweight.

What were your thoughts on the finishing look?
I loved it. It's completely different to what I would usually use but overall I thought it was great.

Did the products stay put?
Yes deffinetley. The lipstick had faded the quickest but that was after lunch and drinks.

What were your favourite products from the look achieved?
I loved the eyeshadow. I think the shades suited my skintone.

Would you consider purchasing any of the products?
I think I would purchase the eyeshadow and the lip liner.

Have you guys tried any of these products? Which ones would you like to try?...


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