Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Make up of the day & evening...

It's come to my attention that I haven't done a make up post in a very long time. In fact the last one I can remember doing was back when I was pregnant with little Roman, I had a couple of days to go, well, actually I was well over due... It was approximately 940 degrees outside and I looked pretty hot! Ha, no seriously I actually looked really great for a heavily pregnant woman check out the make up look/reviews here.

It's not often I wear a full face of make up and when I do I'm just never selfy worthy being a tired mum, literally no amount of make up can cover these suitcases!!! But last weekend I attended my beautiful sisters wedding read a post on a make up look I created on her here. Guess what? For once (thank goodness because there were photographers everywhere!) I actually looked selfy worthy. YAY. So selfies I took and now I am going to share with you guys how I created the day time look and evening look. I know... We even managed to incorporate an outfit change too! 


I prepared my skin by using Evolve beauty hypotonic serum and supernatural beauty redemption oil along with Jane Iredale primer. Using Sappho organics foundation (obviously) read full reviews here and here. I love this foundation because it's lightweight yet offers full coverage where needed. I also used my beloved logona perfect finish foundation in shade 04 to contour ever so lightly full review on two shades here. 

For the eyes I decided I'd go for something a little glitzy, I went for gold! From the Pacifica pallet I blended nude as a base then I used the gold on the lower lid. In the crease I blended brown/nude from the pretty naked pallet by 100% pure. I also used 100% pure Maracuja mascara. Firstly I'd used Jane Iredale however it caused my lashes to clump! I then used avril cosmetics liquid eye liner on the upper lash line. Beneath my lower lashes I used shade bronze from the 100% pure pretty naked pallet.

The theme of my sisters wedding was red and white. So I opted for a red lip (any excuse to where red lipstick to be honest) plus it also matched my nails hence the touchy face selfy! I lined my lips with avril cosmetics nude lip liner, the. I based my lips with living nature pure passion and for a top coat I used lavera wild cherry. 


I used the same preparation process as the day time look as both products are my go to, however because of been out in the sunshine all day and slight dehydrated I added the E solve moisturiser on as well. I then used 100% pure luminizer primer and of course Sappho organic foundation and logona perfect finish in shade 04 for contouring. I went a little more dramatic with the contour as it was evening and I new the lighting would be more forgiving. I wanted more volume on my lashes this time so I used both living nature mascara and 100% pure as I find living nature adds more depth. Eye shadow I went very natural using all the nude shade in both pallets and in the corner of the eyes to illuminate I used korres in shade silver. Again using avril cosmetics liner. Faintly drawing along the lower lash line I used natorigin black eye liner pencil. I wanted to keep my lips natural too so I used avril cosmetic nude lip liner and coloured my lips with it! To finish off the entire look I blended RMS master mixer onto my nose, cheek bones and cuspids bow to add a subtle glow. 

Have you tried any of these brands? What makeup would you like to try from these looks?

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