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Welcome to the green side (part 2.) Featuring MUA's

Sabina and Charlie both did incredibly well, I'm no makeup artist and it's taken me a whole year to get used to using Natural + Organic makeup. The textures and colours are very different from what you're probably used to. But what this post, and blog series will show you is that just because something is natural doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality, lack of coverage or colour choice.

Firstly lets hear what the MUAs had to say about using natural + organic alternatives. Baring in mind they've never used any of these products before so it was a big learning experience for them and a huge challenge which I thought they handled very well it really goes to show what fabulous talented make up artists they are.

Sabina: The make up I felt wasn't as smooth and polished it took much more work than a Mac or Illamasqua brand. Major differences was the finish it had a much creamier feel which is fab but wouldn't last very long.

I would use the eyeshadow again as they have an impressive pigment these were what I enjoyed using the most.

The finished look wasn't to my standards due to lack of product knowledge and experience with the products however I was very surprised how much the make up showed, as its natural and organic. I was expecting very sheer products but I was delightfully surprised. 

The lipstick without Beatle juice also didn't have much coverage great for someone who is experimenting with red lipstick but doesn't want anything too vibrant.

Eloise: I can totally understand where Sabina is coming from when she mentions coverage/finish with the foundation/contour. I feel base has been my biggest challenge and I think you'll find most women want the perfect base... Even with toxic makeup I struggled. Stay posted for an upcoming post focusing solely on foundations. It made me giggle when I read 'beetle juice' but she's absolutely correct most red lipsticks even natural brands contain 'carmine' which is basically crushed beetles... Living nature have produced not one but two fantastic lipsticks created without carmine although Sabina states that it's sheer, it's definitely buildable. I find usually two-three coats with blotting in between gives me great coverage and it lasts a very long time. *TIP try blotting lips with a Muslin cloth instead of using tissue, avoid leaving tissue residue on your lips which means a better finish X PS. Be sure to check out Sabina's salon services shes one of the best makeup artist's in bristol here's her page LINK

Charlie: It was so weird using products that I wasn't used to but it went surprisingly well. I noticed the most difference with the foundation, mostly regarding coverage. 

I actually would consider using them again - some products were amazing!

I loved the bronzer and the eyeshadow palette with the purple colour the most. They both blended so well and had great pigmentation.

Overall, I think the look was good. Nothing went terrible to ruin the look. Ofcourse, I cant comment on how the make-up lasted compared to normal products but i'm pleased from what i have been able to work with.

Eloise: Again I totally understand when Charlee talks about the foundation, its definitely the most difficult natural & organic product to change and work with... It's taken me almost two years to actually find the 'perfect' one...

I absolutely loved the looks they both created, the deep lip on Shelby was incredible and the bronze eyes on Charlotte was simply stunning. Below you can find a guide to recreate these looks.

When I interviewed the models here is what the beautiful girls had to say...


How did you feel about wearing toxic free make up?

I was very curious about what the makeup would be like. Once applied I felt my skin could still breath and I felt great that I wasn't putting any toxins on my skin ... which is very sensitive. 

Did you like the finishing look that was created?

I loved it! Was very shocked at the great coverage and how long it lasted on my face.

Would you consider using any of the products again?

I definitely would use the majority of the products again. I love finding new brands that are good for your skin but also make you look great. 

Which products were your favourites?

I loved my eyeshadow

Eloise: Charlotte looked absolutely beautiful, I am so happy that she enjoyed the coverage of the foundation. Even though there were no imperfections to cover in the first place! PS. If you're after a wonderful photographer check out charlottes work here LINK 


How did you feel about wearing toxic free make up?

I am actually impressed with the toxic free makeup ! I have real sensitive skin yet my skin didn't feel irritable it felt simply fresh. It didn't feel heavy at all, The foundation alone felt soft on my skin. I certainly was in no rush to remove the toxic free make up as it gave me a natural and healthy feeling.

Did you like the finishing look that was created?

I was in love with the finishing look ! I had that lovely healthy glow and felt flawless ! I am amazed with the products and with what Sabina had created, Definitely.

Would you consider using any of the products again?

I have to purchase the foundation, as it felt healthy on my skin and gave me a prefect coverage. The highlighter was the perfect finishing touch too! It gave me a healthy glow!

Which products were your favourite? 

I love them all! The lipstick was my favourite, its a beautiful cold colour, didn't smudge what so ever and gave me a perfect plump pout. The makeup was definitely beneficial for me.

Eloise: Shelby also looked absolutely beautiful. The bold lip was a winner I really loved her eye makeup too.

How to achieve the looks...

Base: Skin potion intense moisturiser, 100% pure tinted moisturiser
Contour: Ere perez oatmilk foundation, Logona perfect finish foundation
Highlight: Ilia moonbeam, Tan organics lighter bronze
Blush: 100% pure pretty naked shade
Eyes: 100% eyeliner, Living nature mascara, pacifica pallete purple 
Brows: Tan organic dark bronze
Lips: Avril nude lip liner, dusty girls cacao shake


Base: Ere perez oatmilk foundation shade light/medium
Contour: Logona perfect finish foundation 04
Highlight: RMS master mixer
Blush/bronze: Tan organics and honey pie minerals pink rose
Eyes: 100% pure mascara, rms master mixer, 100% pallette shade latte.
Brows: Tan organic dark bronze.
Lips: Korres purple lip liner, Living nature pure passion lipstick


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