Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Organic clothing has become much more affordable as well as becoming more stylish and unique. I try to buy second hand often because I'm a little bit of a shop-a-holic so this way I satisfy my needs for spreeing whilst saving a lot of money, it's also more Eco friendly I'm recycling others unwanted goods. I love charity shops, vintage stores and gum tree is perfect for baby clothes which has barely been worn some of which still have the labels on! But each season I like to add a couple of statement pieces to my closet. I shop on online stores such as I also find lots of eco and organic clothing in some high street stores such as H&M and american apparel and online retailers such as asos and laredoutte.

Buying sustainably is important to me and I try very hard not give in to high street brands as I don't agree with there productions. Did you know textile workers earn as little as £10 a month! cruel don't you think?, the person behind your new dress or jacket is probably a child too. Fast fashion is also the second largest cause for planet earth pollution and for what? Money (I'm sure that's a line out of the godfather?!) but honestly it's because of greedy little fucks who just can't get enough paper! The car
cinogenic ingredients used on fabrics are pumped into the atmosphere damaging our planet and all of its species, also female workers are at risk of infertility when working in these environments. 

So why organic? 

Because it's better quality. Fast fashion clothing is created to fall apart fast so you have no choice but to replace it. There is a difference between fashion and style. A lot of people follow trends, they look into media to see what the latest celebrity is wearing and imitate it. i much prefer those with there own personal unique style, timeless items that can be worn again and again not only because they are of great quality but because they are versatile pieces that can be worn with an abundance of different garments.

Its better for our environment organic clothing is produced in an eco friendly manor. As well as being better for the workers health.

Its fair,  workers are paid at a fair rate meaning no child labor and a decent wage for their hard work. 

Lives are being saved through slow fashion... So many of these poor workers who are slaves to fast fashion commit suicide, die of poor health, poor work areas that collapse on them. 

This is a subject I am still studying and I have so much more to learn but I really wanted to talk about it this #organicseptember because it's such a wonderful change that we can make for our world. 

I hope after reading this you'll gave gained a passion for slow fashion. I'll admit it's been a difficult thing to change because we are bombarded with fast fashion - its absolutely everywhere. But next time you think about going shopping try to be a little more conscious and remember why wearing the same dress 100+ times might not be such a bad thing.


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