Thursday, 8 September 2016


Vaginas... Some women find that word uncomfortable, some women don't even like talking about them... It's organic September and this is an important subject to me... Vaginas and co meaning, breasts, penises etc... Our intimate areas are precious delicate parts of our physical bodies and I really wanted to touch down on caring for them.

Let's start with vaginas every woman has one and experiences her menstrual cycle on a monthly basis for approximately 30-40 years of her life, a 'bloody' long time isn't it? Think about the amount of sanitary products you'll go through in a life time? I can't even be arsed to work out that one. Most sanitary products or let's say pretty much ALL sanitary products apart from a few awesome brands are highly toxic!!! How you might ask? How could a little piece 'cotton' cause one damage? Because girlfriend that little piece of 'cotton' most likely isn't even cotton and if it is it's highly processed with dangerous chemicals, chemicals that enter your delicate vagina causing havoc within your body. Rayon and Viscose are the two main materials used to make standard pads and tampons both highly toxic if inserted into ones body. They are treated with chemical fertilisers and chlorine dioxide. I like using brands such as natracare and TOTM who provide us with organic alternatives at a very fair price. I've been using these organic alternatives for quite some years now and I'm happy with this change. Not only is it a great change for our wellbeing it's also great for planet earth, less chemicals pumped into the atmosphere and biodegradable materials used when possible, there are also reusable options out there such as mooncup and fabric pads I don't know to much about this but so long as they are organically produced I imagine them to be a great option for someone who really wants a more eco friendly option.

Boobies, they come in all different shapes and sizes and each and every one of them are beautiful. Heck some of us (me) even have one noticeably bigger than the other! Switching to an organic deodorant helps keep the risk of boobies developing the dreaded 'C' word very low. Why is this? Because when we apply our deodorant onto our underarms (not our breasts) there is still breast tissue in the underarm this absorbs the toxins found it your average antiperspirant or deodorant and these dreadful ingredients seep into the breast once again causing havoc in our bodies. I've tried and tested an abundance of natural/organic deodorants and I'll tell you something it's took a long time to track down the best one (but what works/didn't work for me maybe perfect for you) my favourite is fitpit 100% organic vegan ingredients that are kind to earth you can visit the green women website here to find out more. I love that it's very affordable at just £8 and there are three options sensitive, woman and man.

Finally penises and co... What we wash our bits with is also very important you don't want to be bathing in a bath full of toxins! So next time you're thinking of purchasing bubble bath or shower gel have a little Google of the ingredients before buying you'll soon realise the effects of the carcinogenic ingredients aren't worth it. There are so many brands out there that offer organic safe alternatives that work even better for your skin than high street brands/local stores. Check out websites such as and for an abundance of organic alternatives. 

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