Saturday, 8 October 2016

Affordable lipsticks to try

I rarely leave the house without lipstick on. Wether I'm having a good skin day or a bad skin day a little bit of lipstick makes me feel good. It's my staple product. Because I'm such a lipstick addict it's usually something I'll buy once a month because obviously it's just as important to own new lipstick as it is to pay your bills right? 

I wanted to share with you my favourite budget lip products, it's not acceptable to spend £20-£30 on a lipstick every single month. So to fulfil my addiction I stick to brands such as lavera, dusty girls and avril who offer a beautiful range of natural/organic lipsticks at a really affordable price, from £6.85 - £12.

Avril | Aubergine nacré
A shade of plum
Creamy texture
Gluten free
Cruelty free

Marvellous coverage with one swipe and great staying power. I often use this very lightly during the day for a softer tone of purple. It works wonderfully when creating an ombré lip.

Dusty girls | Cacao shake
A dark nude
Silky texture
Semi matte

The perfect nude for all skin colours. It sounds like it would be incredibly dark but it's a subtle shade of brown. This is my go to nude shade for all occasions. It blends well with so many other lipsticks.

Lavera | wild cherry
A bright red
Silky texture
Semi glossy

This was my first natural/organic lipstick and I fell in love instantly. It's a beautiful red that works great with my pale complexion. It has fantastic staying power even though it's not that matte.

Avril | Auburn
A shade of orange
Creamy texture
Gluten free
Cruelty free

A beautiful burnt orange lipstick. Great for someone who wants to experiment with orange tones. I also use this lightly or build it up for an evening look.


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