Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Every day makeup

I thoroughly enjoy wearing a full face of makeup. However I don't always have the time to spend, you know with a little one running riot. But sometimes I really need a little makeup to make me look and feel a little better. Today I'm talking you through a simple everyday makeup look that will be complete by the time your little one has gotten through that packet of crisp... And if you're a mum you'll know that doesn't take very long at all!

On a dry skin day I like to prime my face with mallow + White blossom balm exclusively sold at nectar + bumble. I add my choice of foundation over the top lately it's been gressa which you can read more about here. I love this full coverage foundation it offers an airbrushed finish whilst still leaving my skin looking natural. It's basically skincare so it's a fabulous choice plus a little goes a long way! 

Fortunately I have long lashes so I can pull off not wearing any mascara or very little if I want a little I usually reach for living nature mascara. I like to use RMS un-cover up under my eyes and on the lids as they are both very dark and I feel like this conceals and brightens them perfectly. Using the new RMS swift shadow in shade tempting touch - 73 I smudge this into the upper lash line to add a subtle bronze tone it's super pigmented so such a small amount of product is needed.

I like to subtly contour my face using the logona perfect finish cream foundation in shade 04 it's perfect for adding a little glow of colour. It blends well over every type of foundation and stays put all day.

I've been sticking to my favourite nude as of late by nudus I only have the sample size but I will definitely be purchasing the full size. It's the most beautiful nude lipstick I've ever worn and I absolutely love it's texture it's so creamy yet almost matte and stays put all day long. If you want a versatile nude. You need to get naked =P

Have you tried any of these gorgeous products?

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  1. The eye shadow looks so pretty. x
    Ninz | www.ninzbeauty.com



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