Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hormonal skin saviours

Is your skin dry, breaking out, dehydrated or just generally out of of control? Fear not. I have you covered... As of late my skin has been a crazy combination of every sort of skin issue. Why? Hormones! I am pregnant and suffering with a horrible illness named hyperemeisis gravidarum (HG for short) I won't go into it too much but it's basically a form of sickness, to put it one way it's like having the worse sickness bug of your life that won't go away. I am unable to look after my skin from within because I am unable to stomach most foods so the best way for me to tackle my skin issues is with quality natural and organic skincare.

Mallow + White restore clay mask £24
I've been using this mask for a long time now and it's one I always turn to when my skin is out of control. I mix it with ACV for extra spot busting action but I also enjoy using it as an exfoliator mixed with honey. This does what it says on the packaging it restores your skin. Nuff said! 

Living nature deep cleansing clay mask £27.50
The ultimate clay mask for breakouts, made with halloysite clay. It's aim is to deeply purify and refine pores. It's contains manuka extract which helps cleanse and heal and manuka honey which nourishes and repairs. The results I saw after just one use was incredible and this is now my go to for breakouts. Though my spots hadn't banished they were calmer less sore and my skin looked and felt less congested. It didn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight like some acne focused mask's can do. My skin was hydrated and had a lovely glow.
This has been a dream to use. I usually skip toning products as I've never really seen any benefits from using them but this product has been keeping my skin very hydrated. I have found that it does not aggravate my spot prone areas so again an ideal product for those with breakouts. It can also be used throughout the day to add hydration or even as a natural subtle perfume. 

Mallow + white blossom balm £30
A collaboration by Amber (Amber's beauty talk) and Joanna (founder of M+W) I am honestly not usually a balm girl. But I am in love with this balm. It's the perfect multitask-er. I use it to whip away makeup. As an overnight deeply nourishing mask. Beneath makeup to add hydration or as a hot cloth cleanser. It works well at healing my spot prone skin whilst adding hydration to the areas that need it. This beautiful balm is sold exclusively on Amber's new bee-tastic online store nectar & bumble check it out here.

Madara brightening aha peel mask £20
Thanks to this little gem my skin has been glowing. I've noticed that my skin tone is more even, blemish scars are barely visible. My skin looks and feels smoother. This is suitable for those with acne prone, ageing and tired skin. It might not be ideal for those with really sensitive skin. This is the second sample I've used of this mask and I will definitely be purchasing the full size.

S5 purity serum £44
This serum is full of magical ingredients. It works well on its own or can be mixed with other products such as your favourite moisturiser. I find it sits absolutely fine beneath my makeup. It's ideal for oily skin and those who suffer breakouts. I've noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin and I'm not breaking out as much. Such a small amount of product goes a long way so I know this is going to last me a long time. S5 use bio active ingredients. I'm really excited to try other products from this brand. 

Living nature Manuka honey gel £11.50
This product works a treat on aggressive spots. Applied on the evening before bed and wake up to a spot that's barely visible. I could believe my eyes when I first used this product. It works great on blackheads too. If I've eaten to much chocolate this is my saviour it really helps reduce redness and heals very quickly. Also reduces the pain some spots can cause. Works well on other problems such as cuts and grazes. It's a little tube full of miracles! 

Mallow + white soothe facial oil £38
I needed something to help soothe my irritated sensitive skin whilst helping hydrate and re balance it. That's where Mallow & white soothe facial oil has been helping me out. I've actually been using this as a hot cloth cleanser but it can be left on the skin during the day/night. It's made with just 5 magical oils and each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure it works hard at calming and hydrating the skin and leaving you with a magnificent glow. This is an ideal oil for those with spot prone skin because it does not cause breakouts.

Have you tried any of these products? What would you recommend for hormonal skin problems? 

Some products featured in the post may have been sponsored or given to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I really want to try the Rose facial water sounds great as I've had so many reviews on it.




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