Wednesday, 16 November 2016

3 Products you need to achieve flawless coverage

I often get complimented on my 'clear' skin... which is kind of ironic because it's actually not as clear as you'd think. I have had times where my skin has been exceptionally clear, but since becoming pregnant with my first child clear skin has become a distant memory. I guess breastfeeding + new hormones from pregnancy is effecting my skin a lot. I wanted to share with you three products I turn too when I am desperate for full coverage (which is a majority of the time)

Concealer has been something I have struggled with I've been experimenting with a lot and I have to say this is my favourite so far. I am going to be doing a concealer based post very soon so watch this space. Although I wish the W3LL PEOPLE concealer was a little lighter it isn't obvious that the colour doesn't match my skin tone next time I need to purchase fair and not light. The three main points I love about this little gem is that it offers great coverage on red spots, red areas and under eye darkness it also works great on the eyelids I have super veiny eyes and always like to subtly cover them if I'm not wearing eye makeup. A little product goes a really long way. It doesn't crack and dry out the spotted area which is a WIN for me because so many concealers make my spots look worse than they actually are.

MY holy grail, I've blogged about this babe numerous times it truly is the BEST green beauty foundation that offers medium to full coverage, nuff said. You can read more about it here, here, here, and here. See I told you its my holy grail. It works proficiently with the W3LL PEOPLE concealer.

I have been coveting this for a real long time but was procrastinating purchasing because it contains coconut oil and my skin is a little hit and miss with coconut oil. I decided I would treat myself last month via the LLABP. I am so happy I did. This is a great multitasker, I use it as a concealer, to contour or sometimes as a foundation however I bought the lightest shade as I'm always frightened of darker shades being to dark/pink for my skin tone. I mainly use this for under my eyes it really helps to brighten the area and make me look more fresh, on my nose and as extra coverage on really red spots. Though it's oil based it doesn't slide off my face and it doesn't crease.

So those are my three go to products for flawless skin. They all contain fantastic organic ingredients and a little of each product goes a really long way. How do you achieve a flawless base? Have you tried any of these products?

Wearing RMS un-cover up shade 000, well people bio correct concealer, sappho organic foundation shade mia, living nature mascara jet black, 100% pure mascara black tea and RMS eye polish shade lunar. I took this photo at the end of the day with my photography light. You can see how well it all stayed put only slight redness on the nose and chin and 1 giant zit peaking through!!!


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  1. Love the Sappho foundation and RMS Un Coverup. I'm going to order the new foundation from Sappho to see if its slightly more coverage!



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