Wednesday, 30 November 2016

FIRST LOOK: Sappho (featuring the new paradigm foundation & swatches)

You have no idea how excited I have been since Nuciya revealed that Sappho had a new range of products hitting their store this November. Instead of delving in for a full size of everything, I was sensible (for once) and decided to purchase the sample sizes. With 5ml of product they're a generous sample that I knew I would get plenty of use out of before purchasing a full size. If you're a regular reader you'll of seen the Sappho essential liquid foundation pop up on E.L.N plenty of times, and for good reason... it's the best foundation I have ever used and not just since turning to the green side, it's the best ever. It meets all my needs, from coverage, to texture to ingredients and though it is a little pricey - 
a little goes a real long way so the price is completely justifiable!

Sappho has had a little make over, with new chic packaging that I much prefer to the original brown bottle. Sappho have also changed the ingredients to the essential liquid foundation, I wish I'd bought a sample of this one to see how it compares to the old formula. Included in the new range is the paradigm foundation which offers 25% more coverage than the originals, paradigm pressed powder, paradigm pressed blush, paradigm eye shadow, brow pomade, shimmer, concealer, setting powder, primer and a CC cream. Naturally I would love to try it all but unfortunately one can't justify spending that much at once near Christmas! However I purchased a few samples that I was really excited about so that I could try before I buy and review them for you guys.

Available in 5 shades. I wasn't to sure what a CC cream was I haven't used one before so thought I'd take the opportunity to try this one seeing as I love the foundation. I thought it would be like a tinted moisturiser however it's a little thicker, it feels nice on the skin. Helped cover my dark under eyes, veins and redness. I thought maybe I could use it as a concealer but it didn't help cover blemishes it just helped even the skin tone. It can be worn on its own or beneath foundation. I probably won't purchase the full size purely because I require more coverage. This is a great product for those who just want light coverage to even everything out.

SAPPHO | PRIMER | £27.26
I've been wanting to try another primer as I've only ever used 100% pure luminous primer. I decided to go for the (dry to medium skin) as I thought it would help hydrate and offer a dewy finish. It is  great make up primer however it didn't offer my skin any luminosity. This would be ideal for someone that prefers a matte finish as opposed to someone like me who prefers to look a little shiny!

Available in 12 shades. Numbered 1-12. I purchased shades 3 and 4, which are said to be similar to LEISHA and RACHEL from the essential liquid foundation, I have shade MIA from that range and its too pink so I decided I'd try these two as it says they have yellow undertones. Turn's out I'm pretty darn yellow, shade 3 is still to pinky for me and shade 4 is almost perfect however it's slightly to dark. So I think I'm going to just purchase shade 1 which is said to have yellow undertones and I think because it'll be a little too light for my skin tone it'll suit me better and I can warm up the rest of my face with some bronze so I don't look to ghostly. Over all I wish the new range was more yellow and it would be great to see more dark shades however I haven't swatched the whole range to see how dark it goes. As for coverage it's AMAZING no need for concealer as this conceals everything I looked absolutely flawless. The formulation is slightly thicker than the original liquid foundation but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It had great staying power, I would definitely recommend this foundation if you want full coverage.

Will you be trying anything from the new Sappho range?


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  1. I've tried Sappho for the first time this year. I have been really impressed with their foundation and mascara. Sounds like buying the samples was a smart move from you! I'm put off buying from the US because of shipping and tax costs, so am hoping that we see it stocked in the UK soon!



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