Thursday, 29 December 2016

3 Products that will leave your skin looking younger & feeling hydrated

I don't know why but pregnancy dehydrates the heck out of my skin, I start to to look as though I am prematurely ageing and look awful. That whole thing about having that, 'pregnancy glow' is complete BS! At least it is for me. So here's how I'm beating dehydrated skin from the outside...

My number one product, for example, if I only have time to use ONE product morning or night it's Evolve beauty's hyaluronic serum which contains 200mg of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is something that is naturally found in our skin we just produce less of it as we get older I definitely believe less during pregnancy too, these darn babies deplete you of all the good stuff! This is literally my holy grail and I wonder how I ever lived without it. It's ideal for spot prone skin like mine as it doesn't contain any ingredients that cause me to break out so I can confidently apply it everywhere, I even apply a little dab to my lips and everyone has been asking me if I've had them 'done' HA.

Caudalie recently launched their resveratrol lift range and I bought it faster that you could say...Resveratrol! If I'm honest the transaction took a little while as my darn laptop was having technical difficulties as per! Anyway, I am really loving this addition to my skincare and try to use it morning and evening. It has a beautiful thick creamy texture. Sinks into the skin very quickly but leaves a slight dew to my skin, for me it works well under makeup as I really like to have a little shine once my foundation is applied. For that reason I add a little extra in the morning so I can fake that 'pregnancy glow'. Genuinely people are like, 'omg Eloise you look so well!' HA. 

My favourite oil at the moment is by Supernatural beauty not just because it smells totally divine, actually it reminds me of going to my aunts as a kid, her house smelt very similar to this oil! The redemption oil is jam packed with nourishing ingredients such as rosehip, evening primrose and rose otto. So this not only hydrates and plumps the skin it also offers anti ageing properties. My skin absolutely loves this oil. Except for the spot prone areas so I stick to only certain parts of my face especially avoiding the chin which is the oiliest part of my face. A little of this product will go a very long way. It's ideal for summer and winter if your skin is generally dryer or mature. 

I can't recommend these products enough. If you're concerned about ageing. Suffering with dehydrated, dull or lacklustre skin definitely pick at least one (or all) of these products up on your next online beauty shop. Find links for each product in highlighted text.


  1. I'm trying to incorporate beauty oils into my skincare regime. I might try the facial oil, though x

  2. I am sure that you are having a glow. It has something to do with the spirit itself.
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