Saturday, 3 December 2016

RMS collection + mini reviews

I have recently become obsessed with RMS make up. I avoided it for a long while because most products contain coconut oil and my skin is a little sensitive to coconut oil. After reading so many reviews on how amazing this brand was I was longing to try some but didn't want to make the same mistake as I have done in the past where I've spent a fortune on products that have failed me.

I then got invited onto the Love Lula accredited blogger programme. This has given me the opportunity to try out lots of products without breaking my bank. So I took it upon myself to grab some RMS makeup and now I am totally hooked and my collection is ever growing... I'll be sure to snap a few more products up from this brand in the coming months. But for now here are my thoughts on the products I have so far.

A light foundation or a concealer, this is a wonderful versatile product. I find this especially useful for under eye brightening. I have bought the lightest shade and it's definitely too light for a foundation, however the coverage is incredible. It offers a dewy finish that doesn't slip or feel greasy. I want to purchase a darker shade that suits my skin tone better, I need to be colour matched. I mainly use this for under the eyes over a different foundation and as a concealer and to help reduce redness. 

This was my first purchase from RMS way back last year some time I had to try it for myself because all the green beauty bloggers were going crazy for it. I had high expectations for this product and I can honestly say it reached them! It's such a versatile product that can be mixed with pretty much everything. Lipstick, blusher, bronze, eye shadow I even use it as a subtle highlighter for my cheek bones and brow bone. I am now desperate to get my hands on the new magic luminizer which is the latest product to come from this incredible make up brand however it's currently out of stock *weep*.

Not usually one for a creamy eye shadow because my eye lids are generally quit oily and most brands just slip off or crease. This bad boy doesn't and it's such a beautiful subtle shade. I even use it as a subtle highlighter sometimes. It works great on it's own or beneath the swift pressed shadows.

These eye shadows are a new release from the brand and as soon as they launched I just had to get my hands on a couple of the shades. I went tempting touch and tobacco road both very subtle neutral shades of bronze, I always opt for bronze tones I just feel they suit me best. I do like golds too so I might try something a little more gold in the future. They're very pigmented and I find only a little product is needed. They blend very well, last on the eyes all day and don't crease.

When I saw on the swatches just how pigmented these stains are I just had to grab diabolique. A deep cherry red, reds are my favourite. Though I wouldn't use this on my cheeks because I prefer bronze tones. It is wonderful that it's a two in one product. You can use a light dab for a sheer coverage or use several dabs to build up the colour which again is wonderful. I thought it would appear really shiny on the lips but its actually semi-matte which I feel is the perfect finish I do use setting powder if I want a more bold matte finish.

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  1. I haven't tried anything from this brand.
    Thanks for the details of so many of their products. Sounds like a great line. I must try!



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