Friday, 13 January 2017

2 rose products that have me loving pink

Rose's all girls love em right? They're beautiful to look at, be it a bunch in vase in your home or bush in your garden surrounded by bee's! I never realised how wonderful rose is as an ingredient though. Until I was pregnant with little roman and I started to experiment with aromatherapy. 

Rose geranium an ingredient included in Balm Balms single note perfume £22 is a beautiful scent worn alone. Geranium helps to balance hormones, relieves stress and depression. It has such a gorgeous light floral scent. You can mix the balm balm single note eau de parfum with any of the other scents available  to create your perfect concoction of smells. They contain only 100% natural and organic ingredients which include essential oils and pure grain alcohol. I have been wearing this scent daily and I find I don't actually need to top up until late in the evening (if going out). It's handbag friendly size allows you to take it with you whilst out and about. Which scents are you interested in trying?

Another rose based product I have been loving is Balm Balms rose floral water £7.50 I have been using this pink little treasure for some time now and it's super moisturising without causing me to break out. Pregnancy has left my face very dehydrated and sometimes after makeup application it can look a little, ugh... a spritz of this and I have a wonderful dewy glow. It also works well if I'm in a pickle or hot and bothered which is often when out and about with little one, so spritz all over me for a sense of calmness. It can also be used as a toner I would be interested in trying it as a toner. I never really use toners which is terrible I know so maybe this could be the first one to religiously test! 

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