Friday, 6 January 2017

5 shades of fall for your nails

Five beautiful nail polishes you'll want to purchase after you've read this article. I wanted to focus on 'fall' shades considering we are in the peak of the winter season. However I wanted to pick five shades that could be carried through to the transitional season. I believe these shades are wearable all year round but tie in nicely with my winter wardrobe. It's the new year and I've made a promise to myself that I will do the best I can to have a little more 'me time' even if that is just grabbing 5 minutes to paint my nails once a week. The only thing I dislike about these ZOYA polishes is that they take a little longer to dry than other brands I've tried however the finish is so superb this minor con won't stop me purchasing more ZOYA shades in the future.

Firstly I want to talk about the NAKED MANICURE collection, for me a simplistic french manicure is one of the most delightful manicures one could get. It suits short nails, long nails and toe nails it's a win for everyone! I chose NM nude perfecter £10 its almost transparent but just helps the nudes of the nail look a lot nicer, I like my frenchies to have a bright white tip so I chose shade snow white £11.70 and it works really well with the nude perfector. I also love wearing white polish all over the nail and this shade is a really nice bright white. 

Lets talk nudes! No I'm not going to get naked for you unfortunately... but below you can find the sexiest nude you'll ever see. I did pretty darn good at picking the ultimate nude polish I wanted something that wasn't to peach or pink. Shade farah £11.70 is a glossy nude with a slightly grey hue. Im really excited to try this out with the satin seal top coat £10 to create a whole new finish.

Finally two satin polishes. Now I'm normally not one for the colour pink, pink anything... honestly I really dislike the colour? But the shade brittany £11.70 caught my eye. Guess what I even tried on and LOVED a pink dress when I visited the reformation pop up store in London a couple of weeks back, whats happening to me? Maybe it means my unborn baba is a girl, maybe it's a sign because I really enjoyed football whilst pregnant with Roman haha. 

It's a slight dirty pink, a bit of a vintage pink I guess you could say and so it's not to girly. It's pastel and though many would say pastels are for spring/summer I feel because it has that dirty tone its acceptable for fall too! The finish is gorgeous almost matte and I really love matte finishes. With all the same wonderfulness as brittany, and the bonus that it's my favourite colour GREEN (not just because I am a earth lover), we have shade sage £11.70 also in satin finish. I find you definitely need to apply two coats or more of sage for the perfect finish.

A little more about ZOYA. They are a 5 free brand meaning they are free from harmful chemicals found in conventional brands. The brushes are slender however they are sturdy so when applying they spread well across the nail meaning you have quick application, I recommend using two coats for the perfect finish. They have a fantastic range of shades to suit every ones taste. Though they do have a bit of a smell its not overpowering like common nail polishes and you are actually able to breath whilst applying the colour! Have you tried any shades from the ZOYA collection?

*This post contains affiliate links please see my contact section for more details. **These polishes were purchased though the LLABP in which I am a part of. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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