Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How to achieve flawless highlighting

Some girls like their highlighter to beam so bright you mistake them for a big ball of glitter, that's cool, they can pull it off, me on the other hand I end up looking like? An idiot, basically!

So I have been trying to master the art of obvious highlighter in photography... (it would help if the UK was a little sunnier!) But not so obvious in real life, just enough so people notice, not too much that people ask if I landed in metalic paint. 

My tips for achieving flawless highlighted cheek bones or other areas you wish to highlight is to use a setting powder beneath the highlighter. I prefer my foundation to be a little dewy, except for under the eyes as I think this can enhance tired looking eyes. Recently I have been using W3LL PEOPLE realist setting powder $22.00 it's a sample I picked up on integrity botanicals and I am loving it. I figured I would try some underneath my ILIA polka dots & moonbeam highlighter as its one of my favourites, it has a pearl tone to it which I feel suits my skin tone whilst it's at its palest. The difference in the finish when using the setting powder beneath is that the highlighter doesn't sink into my pores, fine lines and dehydrated areas which doesn't offer an attractive look. Instead it sits comfortable on top of the powder creating a dewy glow without to much shine or too much greasiness.

I think I will try this little trick with all my highlighters and see if it works as well with them too. I think if your foundation offers a more matte finish you'd probably get away with using the ILIA highlighter without setting powder but for those with oily skin and dewy foundations I highly recommend using a setting powder first.

How do you achieve flawless highlight?

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