Thursday, 2 February 2017

Introducing Yun Probiotherapy

Bacteria, we often associate this word as a bad thing. Something than can harm us. But there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, the good bacteria help protect us from the bad bacteria... I want to introduce to you an innovative new skincare brand that use good bacteria to help cure your skin problems. They cater for Adult acne, Teen acne, Athletes foot, sensitive skin and vaginal infections. 

So how does Yun Probiotherapy work?

Traditionally we've tended to treat skin concerns caused by bacterial imbalances with antibacterial soaps, anti fungal sprays, even antibiotics, which strip away both the harmful bacteria as well as the protective ones.
But why kill the good along with the bad? There is absolutely no need. We're much better off being kind to our friendly bacteria as they keep us safe and healthy. instead of weakening our natural microbiome with harsh treatments, we should be strengthening it. By increasing the biodiversity of our skin's flora, YUN probiotherapy is able to fight off problem causing bacteria effectively and naturally.

I have been using the acne+ range for the past week, my skin was a little upset at first but I am starting to see great changes. Although my acne prone areas aren't major they have still been a huge part of my problematic skin during pregnancy. I have tried everything to balance my skin from within but sometimes we need that extra help from the outside. 

I will be thoroughly testing the acne+ therapy over the next couple of weeks and I will be reporting back with an in depth review and some before and after images.

A little more about the acne+ range...

"Much as we'd all love to have radiantly clear skin, some of us are simply more likely to suffer from spots and breakouts. YUN's ACN+ facial wash and cream have been clinically developed to help adults overcome spots, blemishes and dry patches, whilst moisturising mature skin."
• ACN+ Wash is a soft facial wash that cleans your skin without harming your skin's protective microbiome. 
• ACN+ Cream is a hydrating face cream that contains friendly bacteria to restore a balanced skin microbiome.

These products are revolutionary due to the fact they contain tiny microcapsules which makes it possible to store the bacteria in each product, so that they won't start working until you rub the microcapsules open in your hands or when applying to your face. The microcapsules will burst and the bacteria is then released meaning it can work it's magic!
You can head over to to pre-order your therapy now. You'll find lots of useful information on their website too.



  1. I like the idea of these products but I was really not impressed by the ingredients. They contain so many silicone-derived ingredients :/

  2. Hi Eloise, any updates on these products? I've been thinking about giving this a go.



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