Friday, 10 February 2017

Valentines day lipsticks

Valentine's is fast approaching so I thought I'd share 3 of my favourite red lipsticks with you. If there is any excuse to wear red lipstick it's on Valentine's Day right? And guess what two of these beautiful pigmented reds are *vegan, who said you can't get bold colours without crushing beetles? 

*Jane Iredale Margi £19.95
This lipstick smells so good I kind of want to eat it, in fact my son did try to eat it. During the summer months I live in this shade. It's the perfect balance between warm and cool. It's very creamy to apply but dries matte. This has incredible staying power. It's very pigmented with little product required. 

*Living nature pure passion £20.00
A slightly more plum red for those who like a little more purple/pink hue. This is very moisturising but it does dry matte. You'll need to build it up to achieve an opaque finish. This shade looks equally good when swiped once especially for those who are a little afraid to wear red lipsticks as its not overly bold it's a lot more subtle. 

Couleur Carmel true red £15.00
A true red with a slight sheen. I would say this offers a semi matte finish. If I require to wear this shade matte I use a little setting powder over the top and it works perfectly. This is slightly more cool than the other two shades. It's creamy texture makes it easy to apply. It's very pigmented a little products goes a long way. I actually can't wait to try some of the other shades from this brand. Especially 'wine coloured'

Will you be sporting a red lip this V'day?

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