Wednesday, 22 March 2017

3 concealers suitable for all skin types

Finding the ideal concealer has been one hell of a challenge. It was difficult when I used toxic brands. But since switching to green beauty I found it even more difficult. There aren't as many on the market and the shade ranges aren't as wide. But all at once I managed to find not one but three perfect concealers after trying a ton! 

All three offer great coverage and are ideal for all skin types. My skin is sometimes sensitive, sometimes dry and sometimes it's breaking out like crazy hence the need for concealer! That and the HUGE bags under ones eyes.

W3LL PEOPLE Bio correct $23.00
A squeeze tube concealer much like the one I used to purchase from the dreaded Mac. This is the ideal green beauty swap if you're a lover of Mac's concealer though the shade range isn't as wide. The product itself is awesome. I use this for both underrate darkness and blemishes. It also works well for uneven skin tone and redness. It dries quickly so be sure blend it into the skin right away.

RMS 'UN' COVER-UP £28.00
This is a multi use product, concealer and foundation. I am unable to use it as a foundation as for some reason coconut oil makes me break out, anyone else have this issue? However I absolutely love using it under my eyes it really helps brighten them when I've been deprived of sleep. It also works well on my eye lids they are slightly veiny and this covers and evens everything out so well. The shade range is much bigger for this to so really light skin and darker skin tones can enjoy this product.

Avril cosmetics concealer £6.00
The perfect concealer for those on a budget. The shade range isn't that big unfortunately. This product reminds me of benefit boing concealer. From texture to application it's the green beauty dupe. The coverage is perfect I use this on blemishes and spots. It doesn't dry out like most concealers do on my spots. I usually carry this in my handbag as it's nice and compact and not to expensive to replace if I loose it! 


  1. Love your posts and styling as of late Eloise! Thanks for the round-up, I'm a real fan of the RMS Beauty Un Cover-up but I've been looking to try something else before I hit pan... looks like W3LL PEOPLE will be my next trial!



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