Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Finished: Featuring evolve beauty

So I am going to try this as a new series. Every time I finish up a few products do short reviews of them. I think sometimes getting straight to the point of love/hate can be useful and when there isn't to many products involved its easier to digest.

A couple of products from evolve that I have recently finished up so thought I could give a thorough review on them. I had a couple of the radiant glow mask full size retails at £18.00 so I've had a real good try out with that. I really love this mask not only because it smells good enough to eat. It does wonderful things to my skin. When my skin is looking a bit, ugh, I reach for this product and I instantly feel my skin looks more appealing. It hydrates, thoroughly cleans, it contains coconut shell powder which gently exfoliates the skin and gives me that glow. It certainly lives up to its name. Once I've used the billion and one other masks I have to get through I will definitely be repurchasing this one. In fact I'll probably repurchase before using everything else up because it's that good!

The other product I have finished up is the liquid crystal micellic cleanser this retails at £16.00 which contains hyaluronic acid I was very excited to try this product because I LOVE hyaluronic as an ingredient for its hydrating and anti ageing effects I am also a fan of micellar waters for their easy cleanse and benefits. However I didn't really like this all that much. It's a good product but it's not great. I found it didn't clean my skin deeply enough. It didn't remove my makeup very well at all. So I ended up using this as an extra cleanse after using a cleansing oil or facial wash. That's all I have to say on this product really has anyone else had a good experience with it?

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  1. Really interesting to hear your comments. I've tried a few Evolve Beauty products and didn't get on with some of them. I'm currently giving their Body Butter and Body Polish a go....I will repurchase their Hyaluronic Serum...x



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