Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Introducing Tose Apothecary (ft. product reviews)

Today I want to introduce a wonderful natural brand called Tose Apothecary, I have been trying out four different products from the range and I am very impressed with the results I have achieved. I can't wait to try more products from this brand and I really hope you'll find something you like from Tose Apothecary. 

A little about the brands ethics, 'We believe in holistic approach towards life and our intention is to help people get on a journey to rediscover beauty by using chemical free products. At TOSé, we feel that the world is changing and each one of us is contributing towards that change. We are putting our genuine and unadulterated efforts built on our core values towards making nature a part of our everyday lifestyle. This is our bit in making the world a better place...' Find out more about the owner Abha here.

I'm totally rubbish at caring for my body, the skin covering it anyway. This body scrub has been a delight to use and smells divine. It offers gentle exfoliation and leaves my skin coated in nourishing oils. It's not a messy scrub, that's the thing I usually dislike about body scrubs, this one stays on the body really well whilst you rub it into the skin. A small amount of product goes a long way which is always a bonus. Since using this scrub I've noticed a huge improvement in the texture of my skin I had lots of little bumps and dry areas and they've almost gone so I'm really please about that. I love the balance and blend of oils in this product for their aromatherapy benefits they really help energise and uplift me, I try to use this on tired days in my morning shower. 

I don't often use facial serums some do really great things whilst others don't seem to do anything for my skin. This one fortunately does wonderful things. A few drops cover my entire face. It's healed my dry skin very quickly. I enjoy using this morning and night and it works very well beneath my makeup. I love that this serum contains CO-q10 I haven't ever used anything with this ingredient before but I see everyone talking about it's amazing anti-ageing benefits. I have spot prone skin and I am always worried about using moisturising products on my spot prone areas but I can safely say that this hasn't caused any breakout's. I have noticed mild improvements in my scars as well I am hoping with time this wonderful serum can help improve them even more.

Ok so try not to eat this product when you purchase it. I always used to use lip scrubs from lush until I realised that it was a bit of a green wash brand, I've not come across a lip scrub since switching to green beauty so I was super happy to receive this. It is a little messy but I think it's obvious to expect that. It leaves my lips soft, nourished and gently exfoliated. I have a terrible habit of biting my lips and this has really helped heal the dryness.

Safe to say I'm not really a fan of smothering my body in oils, just because I find they usually feel very uncomfortable underneath clothing and rub off very fast after application. This oil is AMAZING though I am loving it. Its lovely and thick and soaks into the skin well whilst leaving a subtle sheen over my body. I feel comfortable putting my clothes on right after application although I try to leave it to settle a bit before. By the end of the day I can still feel the benefits of this oil my skin still feels hydrated and soft I honestly can't believe how incredible this product is. The spray bottle makes it very  practical there is nothing worse than trying to get more oil out of a bottle that's been covered in oily hands.

Have you tried anything from Tose Apothecary?

*Products in the article were sent to me.

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