Wednesday, 5 April 2017

NOM NOM | Stretch butter Camellia & Vanilla

If you're looking for a balm to nourish bump look no further than nom nom! Nourish bump and beyond with this beautiful brand.

I've been using the stretch butter. Although personally I feel stretch marks are inevitable I think it depends on genetics. I never got any with my first pregnancy and I barely nourished my bump with creams or balms at all. However I did get a few around my belly button once I'd given birth and it took a while for my skin to tighten. This time round I've enjoyed using a bump butter I also use it on my thighs and bottom the two areas in which I've put a little weight on during pregnancy and have noticed and increase in stretch marks in these areas so it helps me to feel confident that I am feeding my skin ingredients that can nourish and keep everything a little more hydrated while I go through these changes.

This balm contains camellia, almond, baobab and evening primrose with shea and cocoa butters all in which can help prevent stretch marks. They also help with other issues mothers often complain about such as tightness (which I'm feeling right about now at 39+ weeks!) and itching which is basically my stomach all the time. I do notice a dramatic difference in these concerns when I apply this butter, sometimes applying it throughout the day can sooth itching and i always apply before bed for comfort too! It has lasted me forever a little product goes a really long way. It's also been great for my partner to use on my lower back for massage as I know it's safe during pregnancy. 

I also have the baby butter which I've used a little on Roman if he's had dry patches or rashes here and there but he has very calm skin so I haven't had to use it much but will be introducing it to baba if needed! This is also a great multi purpose product and actually use it on our hands sometimes when they are very dry and sore from the cold or over washing! It really helped heal everything super quick.

Nom nom is such a beautiful brand with quality ingredients suitable for pre and post natal skin nourishment as well as products for baby! Head over to the website to find out more about the brand - I highly recommend these as great gift ideas for new mums or mums to be! 

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