Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The no makeup - make up tutorial

Ok I know, you’ve read these kind of articles before and then you still end up looking like you have a ton of make up on right? 

Not today. I will be talking you through how I achieve a flawless base and subtle eye makeup that is barely there. Your lips will look nourished and natural leaving people wondering, did she wake up like this???

Using my perfect base product for faking that glow, 100% pure luminous primer and well people bio correct concealer. If you’re having a good skin day or you don’t require much coverage then settle for just these two products alone. But if you want medium to full coverage I highly recommend adding a serum foundation. It’s basically skincare that makes you look perfect whilst it makes your skin perfect… I hope that makes sense?! I absolutely LOVE gressa minimalist serum foundation, the fact it’s called minimalist fits well for this article too! It’s a watery consistency allowing you to have as little or as much coverage as needed. It’s light on the skin meaning if you do want full coverage you won’t look caked in foundation. It’s a semi matte finish but with the luminous primer this add’s to a more dewy finish (just how I like my skin to look) I highly recommend well people setting powder if you prefer a more matte finish.

Focusing on the eyes. I use the well people concealer as and eye primer I have very veiny eyes and so this is perfect for covering that flaw. I then like to dab a little RMS eye polish in shade lunar in the corner and outers of my eyelid and just beneath the brows… I see this as  highlighter for my eyes it just helps everything look really dewy and bright! I then sparingly coat the lashes with 100% pure fruit pigmented mascara from mid lengths to ends to open up my eyes a little more. I don’t add it to the lower lash this is too obvious and can cause dark circles to become enhanced. For my brows it’s just a little bit of filling in work where needed fortunately my brows are kind of thick but there are areas that need a little bit of help Jane Iredale brow duo works perfectly to achieve a non obvious brow enhancement. 

As for my lips I will literally NEVER leave the house without lipstick on my lips but sometimes I don’t want a bold obvious lip my lips are very faded round the edges which is probably the reason I always wear a lip product. Lately I am loving Dr.Haushka shade 05 lipliner. I draw the lips on then subtly blend inwards creating subtle colouring. It feels as though I have no makeup on and often people don’t notice I have make up on but secretly I do. Shhh don’t tell anyone!

*This article contains AL.

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  1. Love this, when I'm going for a natural base look I tend to mix oil into my foundation to thin down the consistency of my foundation s that it appears and feels lighter on my skin.



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