Friday, 26 May 2017

Trying out Antique Apothecary | Review

Recently I have been trying out some products from Antique apothecary. The brand research and develop state-of-the-art beauty, health natural and organic products. What have I tried? and what did I think...

I've been using the anti ageing ageing cream for combination skin with gardenia, sacred lotus and white water lily. This smells absolutely incredible. It has a beautiful light texture, almost air whipped feel, it's very wet when applying to the skin but soaks in wonderfully. Since using this day and evening hydration levels have improved massively I'm not sure why but whilst pregnant and breastfeeding my skin tends to dehydrate and look very lacklustre I guess because the babies take all your goodness? The appearance of my skin has improved lots and I'm really sad this product has almost ran out. It adds radiance and works wonderfully beneath my makeup. 

I've also been using the Rose otto skin toner, it's moisturising at first I thought is was going to be a lotion form but it's actually a spray. I keep this in my hand bag and reapply it throughout the day it's been a godsend through the transitional season. My skin has been confused fluctuating from oily to very dry and this has really helped keep everything in balance. It's made applying makeup a lot nicer because sometimes when the skin is very dry it can look scaly. Again huge fan of the scent! 

I've only tried a few eye creams and not many compare to Antique Apothecary's. A very little goes a super long way. I don't just apply it before bed I actually wear it most days beneath my makeup, I find it helps keep my eye makeup on check my eye area is the first place to dry up throughout the day and it can make my makeup look a little rubbish as it goes patchy and creased. If you like a dewy eye area this is the ideal skincare product for day and evening.  I don't have many eye wrinkles YET! However it's improved the fine lines I get when my skin is dehydrated. I'm using this as a preventative to help keep the area supple and smooth for many years to come!

Finally a beauty routine wouldn't be a routine without a trust facial oil am I right? Fear not if you have oily skin. You can still use oils it will not cause you to break out! I've been using the luxurious face oil and luxurious is what it is. Fine lines, spots and blemishes have slowly started to fade away. This oil works well mixed in with my foundation when I'm suffering with dry skin. I wear it most days and always before bed to help improve the texture and appearance of my skin. Once again a little product goes a very long way. 

Over all I really love the products I've been trying from Antique apothecary and I really want to try more. There is so much choice and it's almost as if there is a product tailor made for each individual needs. I spoke with Elena about my skin concerns before trialling the products so I could give an honest review and results after using the products. They even do a a baby range which is fantastic and you can purchase sample sizes. If you're wanting to gift someone beautiful skin care this is your brand the products came packed in a stunning little box.

Have you tried this brand? 

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