Tuesday, 6 June 2017

60 Days of skinade

So here I am 60 days into my Skinade treatment and boy am I happy. I've just had baby number two and all I'm hearing is 'WOW you look so well for just having a baby' I can honestly say Skinade has to be partially responsible for me looking so good... Either that or people are just straight up lieing to me to make me feel good haha. 

Check out my review of my first 30 days using Skinade here. So you can understand how quickly this product gets to working!

I'll be honest baby brain has got me good and some days I have forgotten to take my dose of Skinade, hence why this review is kinda a little behind but even still the improvements have been incredible. At the beginning of my Skinade journey my scars were very prominent, my skin looked lacklustre and tired THANKS BABIES!!!

So here are some before images of my skin with no make or filter before starting the Skinade treatment.

In the first image I am just over 1 month into treatment and I'd just had Béla, bare in mind I do have makeup on but I look very hydrated, plump and my under eye area looks good, the second image is me one morning with no make up (just a filter) you can see slight darkness on my cheek from where I had bad acne caused from HG dehydration during my pregnancy. Usually I would cover the scars with makeup but lately I haven't felt the need to.

As I said before I am huge believer of the saying 'we are what we eat', or rather, consume... I have been eating all the carbohydrates since Béla arrived and so I have had a few spots come say-hi. Instead of gaining lots of unhealthy weight I tend to break out major, I've also broken my rule many times (thanks to vegan junk food) by eating lots of cake from their cafe that contain refined sugar which also causes havoc on my skin. Now usually when eating so poor my skin would be horrendous but it's not, it's not as great as it could be due to the fact I've been eating lots off JUNK! But because I have been supplementing with Skinade it's counteracted the damage I could be causing. HOORAY!

I am so unbelievably impressed with this product I honestly can't recommend it enough. Check out these photos below. This is 60 days after taking Skinade. But please bare in mind progress could've be been better had I not just had a baby and you know, eating all the carbs and sugar! haha. Still very impressive results. So now for my third and final 30 day trial I will vow to eat well and my babies will sleep (I wish) and I'll update y'all with my 90 Days of Skinade at the end-ish of June!


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