Thursday, 15 June 2017

Vegan, Painless alternative to waxing?

Hey hunz 

Today I am talking HAIR. Well removing bodily hair...

How I wish I was a brave feminist who rocked hairy errthang, but I never will. I'll be honest I don't stress over my tash or eh-hem lady garden so much anymore. In fact I think lady gardens rock!!! With a little hedge trim here & there to keep it all in check. However my legs are a different story... Thanks to my Eastern European genetics (thanks dad). Poor Béla she definitely has a whole lot of the Hungarian gene. 

Growing up was tough with hairy legs. They were so thick and dark before I'd even hit high school. I used to wear long socks in juniors to hide them and all the boys would call me a 'slapper' some of the boys thought it made me more attractive though, probs because they weren't overwhelmed by monkey fur! 

I've never kept up the whole waxing malarkey because I am a total wimp. I honestly feel a rage of anger whilst being waxed thinking about ways I could hurt the beautician (sorry Sasha balanced beauty even you) though I might add she has definitely been the least painful beautician that has offered me treatment.

When I caught a glimpse of sugar strip ease on love lula I thought I'd give it a go. Anna from Anna goes green told me it was less painful (she was right) so I figured hey, let's give it a go. 

I don't own a microwave for personal health choices. So I had to heat the product in a saucepan this made things a little longer than I'd like but this is the only negative and if you have a microwave It will be a much quicker process. Also there wasn't enough strips for my big ol' hairy legs but I'm a noob and could've filled each strip much more had I applied the product more efficiently. 

Anna was right it's much less painful than a wax. Still painful I won't lie. But I didn't feel sick like I usually do with a leg wax. I still felt a little faint after each strip but it eased instantly and I did swear a few times. I figure this will become more bearable if I keep it up. I had very little irritation in comparison to a wax, usually my legs would be bright red and very sore and uncomfortable. I had slight redness but it soothes very fast after some cold water and fresh aloe was applied.

This product is really great. It got right to the root of each hair (see images) I was very impressed. 

It's great for those wanting to reduce their waste. Each strip is washable and can be reused. The washing process was also a little long. Very hot water worked quickest but I felt a little guilty at how much water I was using (plus I'm on a water meter so tryna save them £££) next time I might try soaking them in boiled water and see if this has a faster cleaning time. 

After use my legs were very soft, I'd missed a few hairs and went over them the next day. It's a little awkward to sugar strip ease/wax your own legs because of angles so if you can get someone to help it would make the whole process much quicker and easier. But overall I am loving this product and very happy that I chose to trial it.

So if you're looking for a vegan, non toxic/reduced waste hair removal alternative I highly recommend this babe. 

How do you remove bodily hair? 

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  1. I've seen things like this popping up in blogs recently but I'm terrified that it's going to be like that episode of Friends where they try it out and can't bare to take the strips off because of the pain.



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