Monday, 5 June 2017

What Veganism means to me

So I should start by saying I'm not actually Vegan. I still eat locally sourced honey and local unvaccinated organic eggs and I do still use products that contain animal derived ingredients. I do not however use anything that comes from cruelty, I don't buy clothing or shoes that are made from animals. I am also now more conscious about product choice for example avoiding red lipsticks that contain the ingredient carmine if you don't know already carmine is derived from a bug called cochineal when boiled they produce a red dye, I learnt more about insects when I started dying fabrics with plants a lot of the books I bought taught how to dye with cochineal's this led me to research further, onto silk fabric something I've always lusted for but I was mortified when I read how they derive the silk from these poor little bugs.

I tried becoming vegetarian approximately 2 years ago I'd just had my little boy and he was exclusively breastfed. I was hungry all the time. What I found difficult was the fact vegetarian food didn't fill me up enough. I relied on meat to fill me up. So I reintroduced it after a couple of weeks. The problem was I didn't have enough nutritional knowledge I was studying nutrition at the time but it's such a huge subject I felt a barely new a thing. I still study it from time to time. Fortunately I have learnt a lot as the years have passed. 

I now know how to implement more protein and iron into my vegetarian diet. I have celiac disease meaning I need to avoid wheat/gluten/rye this meant veggie meals were still very difficult and unfulfilling. I started to whip up a couple of vegan meals each week as trials to see what I enjoyed, what gave me the nutrients and energy I needed from my foods and I kind of left it at the reducing my meat intake and only ever buying organic meat. 

I then became pregnant with baby number two and I became very ill with HG (a term for really bad sickness and nausea) I had it with my first and I went off rather a lot of foods, this time I also went off foods - one of those foods was meat! Turns out baby girl wanted to be a vegetarian (unlike her brother who made me crave all the meat) I decided to educate myself a little on Vegan diets in hopes this would help me ditch the meat for good. I was so sure that when I birthed my baby that I would start to crave meat again but I'm 8 weeks PP and the thought of eating a burger or any other meat disgusts me.

For me Veganism means health, don't just do it for the love of these precious animals, do it for the health of your body. Do it for the health and love of our planet. The meat industry is one of the biggest polluters on planet earth. I know lots of vegans that eat all the unhealthy stuff. I'm not saying deprive yourself of cake but be conscious of what you put inside your body. After all we are what we eat. I'm lucky enough to live in Bristol and the vegan/gluten free options here are pretty darn good, I treat myself to a vegan slice of cake once weekly, yes it has refined sugar and yes it has soya two things in which I made a rule to never eat. But then I figured what's the harm in a little treat here and there. I have a mindset of eat well at least 80% of the time and all will be good. To be honest I probably eat well at least 95% of the time but I think 80% is an achievable goal. 

I hope that one day I can become a Vegan, but for now I am happy with my lifestyle choices. 

How do you feel about Veganism?

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  1. Similar to you, I am not vegan but I'm trying; I don't buy products tested on animals or wear things made from animals. I have been vegetarian for most of my life, and I think about 70% of what I eat now is vegan, some days I think everything I eat is vegan. My biggest problem is going out for food, and desserts. I have a major sweet tooth and no where near me does vegan dessert :'(



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