Saturday, 29 July 2017

Confessions of a fast fashion addict

I've been exploring fashion for a long time. First I started with buying tons of clothes. I became a shopaholic, quite literally an addict. With no bills to pay I would spend at least three quarters of my earnings on my style. I wasn't one to follow a trend - I always searched for garments that were a little bit different I was very confident and enjoyed getting attention for what I wore. 

In my teenage years I was often named 'GAGA' after lady GAGA for having such a bold unique dress sense! Living up to my celebrity nick name I became obsessed with not wearing an outfit more than once. I would purchase a new outfit for every evening out with my friends! 

Since becoming an ethical blogger I've researched an awful lot into the fashion industry. And I didn't like what I learned. I had no idea the damage fashion was having on our planet. I knew already that the people behind the label weren't paid well but when I researched further into this subject of fair trading and how many deaths its caused it really got me thinking... 

It's really hard to not buy into fast fashion we are bombarded with cheap fashionable garments everywhere we go even supermarkets sell fashionable garments at ridiculously cheap prices. 

I still am obsessed with buying clothes, I love the way I feel when I'm wearing an item that I absolutely love. 

But I can't forgive myself when I buy into the greed of this industry. This is why I am saying goodbye to fast fashion. I am slowly building up an ethical wardrobe. I'm seeking out pieces that I can wear year after year. Garments that are made well, that come from a fairly traded background. Yes they are expensive but they are definitely worth it.

When I first looked into ethical brands I didn't know many brands and thought that some of the collections available were a little dated or boring. I still have that crave to be a little different. But I believe we can style items to our personalities so I needed to find pieces that could be worn in several different ways for all four seasons. 

I am finding more and more brands that offer really stylish clothing that make their clothes with with great ethics they care for the environment and those who made it. I will be starting an ethical style series  on my blog real soon where I hope to inspire you all with my ethical wardrobe. As a breastfeeding mother I have found it much more difficult there aren't really any brands that I know of that offer organic/ethical clothing specifically for the nursing mother. However I have found some great pieces that are easy to nurse in. Watch this space! 

What are your thoughts on the fashion industry?

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