Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Three products that'll make you look flawless

Every girl wants flawless skin, but let's face it we all have flaws. Maybe not in other people's eyes, but we will always find something wrong with ourself. The most common complaints I hear from girlfriends are usually about blemishes, spots and uneven skin tone oh and let's not forget under eye darkness. For me these are all common complaints when I look at myself in the mirror, fortunately I have found 3 incredible products that repair and nourish my skin whilst making me look completely flawless! Yes you read correctly FLAWLESS💁🏽

Starting with 100% pure luminizing primer. This has been a favourite ever since I first dabbled in green beauty. 100% pure was one of the first brands I tried, in fact they were the first makeup brand I had tried. I instantly fell in love with this primer as a previous MAC and GOSH lover I was really happy to have switched my primer to this green beauty with ease. I have NEVER used another primer since that's how incredible it is. I prefer my skin to look dewy and foundations even the most gentle can sometimes dry my skin out this primer saves my skin from 'cracking' by the end of the day I still have that dewy glow. It contains antioxidants so does great things to my skin whilst I wear it. Its worked simultaneously with every single foundation that I have tried and trust me I have tried a lot (heres proof

A good primer needs to be paired with a good base! I have fallen head over heels for the juice beauty phyto pigments serum foundation. I was lucky enough to get colour matched at the clean cult event late last year in London. Buying foundations online can be scary especially when they cost £45! I totally nearly went for the lightest shade but braved the matched shade buff now I have a tan again it's perfect as it does oxidise. I'm a yellow skinned white-Y and for some reason it's a hard tone to find a lot of foundations offer pink or neutral undertones! This applies with yellow undertones but oxidises to a more neutral tone which leaves my neck looking a little jaundice!!! But all colour talk a side this is one hell of an amazing foundation. The coverage is perfect, perfect for everyone offering minimal coverage you can build it up to full coverage without feeling caked. It's so lightweight it's an absolute dream to wear, especially in the heat.

I prefer to use a concealer around the eye area as well as under my eyes. Sometimes for quickness I'll skip concealer and just go in with foundation but I find sometimes it can crease or dry up on these areas. That's where W3LL PEOPLE bio correct concealer comes in. It's not only great as a concealer it also works well as an eye primer. I have super veiny eye lids and this works fantastically beneath a range of eye makeup varying from mineral powders, pressed shadows and cream shadows. It wears lovely beneath all foundations I have worn it with so far. It offers superb coverage over blemishes, spots, scars and uneven skin tone and hides any redness around my nose/cheek area. It's a small tube that does magical things. A little products goes so far. My favourite thing about this product is the fact it doesn't dry up like most concealers it doesn't cling to dry skin and spots which can make the skin appear worse off than it actually is. 

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